An Aviation Journey: And a Love Affair with the Boeing 747

Peter Marosszéky, FRAeS

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Peter Marosszéky’s autobiography, An Aviation Journey, recounts the engineering positions he has held in the aviation industry and their associated challenges.

During his 60-year career, Marosszéky has worked for Quantas, Pan American, United, Ansett, and American airlines, mostly in management positions in places such as Australia, India, Bali and Tahiti. The author, an Australian, emigrated as a boy with his family from Hungary shortly after WWII.

Among the planes that he worked on are the Boeing 747 and 767-300 and the Dash 8-300. He notes the importance of careful airplane maintenance and adherence to safety regulations, frequently describing the consequences of ignoring aviation laws, which he says “are written in blood.” He recalls one such incident, where a cargo door blew off, with typical matter-of-factness: “the pressurized air in the cabin blew nine passengers out of the aircraft. Some of the passengers were ingested into the no 3 and no 4 engines.”

He also carefully—in detailed, technological terms—describes many of the repair procedures, as in: “After replacing a flux valve, a ‘compass swing’ must be conducted to bring the magnetic compass system into tolerance and to create a correction table for pilots that details the difference between indicated magnetic and true magnetic heading.”

Propelled by conscientiousness related to all things aeronautic, Marosszéky clutters his work with unnecessary details. For instance, he notes when rental airplanes were returned and includes seemingly every simulation and training exercise. Conversely, he gives his personal life short shrift, barely mentioning important events, including a child’s birth. The narrative flow is also fettered with run-on sentences and subject-verb agreement problems.

However, An Aviation Journey is packed with so much aeronautic information in mostly digestible form that it could interest those with an engineering bent.

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