“America” Because I Have Loved You, I Have Made You Rich!

Efren Gamboa

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In America Because I Have Loved You I Have Made You Rich!, author Efren M. Gamboa sets out to “tell the story of the chosen children of God; to reveal the continuation of the history of [the Israelites]. To explain the blessings and curses to the nations that received and housed this great family.” He does this by examining the lineage of such notable Old Testament figures as Noah and Abraham and attempts to discern where their descendents ended up in the world.

These exiles–God’s true people, he says–have been scattered to such places as Spain, Turkey, Libya, Bulgaria, Romania, France, and America, to name just a few. This Diaspora, according to the author, was not a divine punishment but rather a reward to the faithful so they could spread God’s glory around the world.

Gamboa’s book is a prophetic call to action, a plea to the nations around the world to stop persecuting God’s chosen people. Throughout, Gamboa examines many Biblical prophecies, all of which point to the destruction of those who have sinned against the Israelites, including the Roman Catholic Church, which Gamboa claims worships Baal, the god of the sun, also known as Lucifer.

Gamboa is a passionate thinker, but his book is marred with spelling errors and disjointed sentences. Often, his ideas–such as his commentary on the “Book of Revelation”–are hard to follow. And readers may be disturbed by his focus on punishment in his interpretation of Biblical prophecy. Yet Gamboa’s apparent message seems to be one of peace. It appears that the author aligns himself with the prophets of old – people who were not interested in seeing others get hurt but were hoping to turn their listeners’ hearts and minds toward repentance before their actions led to their downfalls. In this often confusing but sincere effort, that is Gamboa’s ultimate message to all: repent.

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