All by Faith

Anika B. Connage

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Anika B. Connage takes “living by faith” to a thrilling level that
most Christians probably never imagined. Her book All by Faith challenges readers to view the subtle coincidences of their everyday lives as God speaking to them. Through this intriguing collection of stories, she shares her encounters with God, both radical and simple, revealing how to enjoy an intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father and receive His best in life.

With humble transparency, Connage exhibits dependence on God for blessings, such as bus fare when she is broke, healing of her injured knee, and seeing a friend’s balding hair miraculously grow before their eyes. Connage models a Christian life teetering on the edge between physical reality and spiritual faith—where seeing has nothing to do with believing.

The idea of living with abandon, totally surrendered to God’s provision and will, is tempting to try if it means you can see miracles such as these. Though her life seems charmed in that she notes that God consistently answers her prayers and encourages her through bumper stickers, signs, and words people speak, Connage uses her book to tackle hard topics too, such as: Why do bad things happen if God really loves us?

On the down side, it is not initially clear that Connage is from the UK. Her word choices (“telly,” “mum,” etc.) may cause a bit of cultural confusion for American audiences. Conservative Christians may also take issue with her use of the word “damn” (once), referring to God as “Daddy,” and her nonchalance about meeting friends at a bar for drinks. These aspects of her lifestyle may weaken her credibility in some circles. Add some unfortunate typos, such as a missing “r” from the word “T-shirt,” and the book becomes technically less than perfect. However, these issues should fade in the brightness of the inspiration Connage offers to those wanting more from their relationship with God.

If you are looking for fresh perspective on God and insight into living by faith — a life bubbling over with His power, peace and blessings — this book is a must-read.

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