Ahlul Bayt: The Holy Family of Prophet Mohammad

Alia Bazzi

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“Ahlul Bayt” is an Arabic phrase meaning “people of the house.” In Muslim tradition, the term refers to the successors of Islam’s greatest prophet, Muhammad. In this beautifully illustrated gift book, Ahlul Bayt, author Alia Bazzi seeks to illuminate, through short, single-page stories, the sacred lives of “Ahl Al-kisa (People of the Cloak), Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali, Syeda Fatima, Imam Al-Hassan, and Imam Al-Hussein…divine individuals and teachers of the Islamic faith.”

Visually stunning images of Islamic symbols and Arabic calligraphy are coupled with the author’s simple and generally straightforward prose. Contained within are abbreviated histories of Muhammad receiving his first revelation from Allah through the angel Gabriel; the birth of Ali, the first cousin of Muhammad; the martyrdom of Al-Hussein, and others.

At the heart of Ahlul Bayt is a portrait of a family, devoted and subservient to the will of Allah. It seems Bazzi’s intention is not only to educate but to set the family of Muhammad as the primary example of how to live sacredly with others. At the heart of the family, the author seems to be saying, is kindness and respect that once embraced can radiate out to others.

While the manuscript is in need of a copyedit to clean up some punctuation mistakes and typos (for example, the name Muhammad is misspelled in the introduction), this book serves as a thoughtful and colorful introduction to key Islamic historical figures. Short and geared for young readers (although the concepts and language may be difficult for children to grasp without adult guidance), the narratives are a good jumping off point for parent-child discussions about faith, love, service and dedication.

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