Abundant Life and Loving God

Greg Wander

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How would you feel if someone took a picture of your mother, drew something pornographic on it and hung it in a storefront for all to see?  Greg Wander believes that your answer is probably similar to his reaction to someone desecrating an image of Jesus: outrage and disgust, and a driving desire to take action. I’m confident,” the author writes, “that you would never give up until that drawing was taken down.”

That idea of protection of the sacred runs throughout Abundant Life & Loving God. In it, Wander offers a call to action for believers to love and defend God as much as we care and uphold our own mothers and families. Doing so, he believes, makes God more real to us in all the things we do.

Written as a series of short reflections, the narrative offers the author’s simple guidance and unpretentious wisdom to help readers navigate the sometimes-confusing paths on their journey to God. Prayer occupies an important part in Wander’s mission and should be seen as loving communication between married couples. He also urges readers to develop closer friendships with the people in their churches, to count their blessings and remember that God calls all of us to serve not just the poor but everyone we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

Levelheaded and easy-to-read, Wander’s short book challenges us to be better people, which ultimately leads to new levels of understanding of God. Though many books offer similar advice, Abundant Life & Loving God makes for quick and enjoyable reading. It is an uncomplicated reminder that, “As we spend time seeking God, we are slowly transformed. It is this transformation that God primarily uses to bless us with His abundant life.”

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