Abundance is Your Birthright

Roni Bissett

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Abundance Is Your Birthright is a book in the spirit of The Secret and other works dealing with prosperity consciousness, the laws of attraction, etc., but it improves on the model the others set forth. Author Roni Bissett keeps it brief and to the point, and includes worksheets (and permission for readers to copy them), which makes this book ideal for use in workshops or reading groups.

Readers familiar with this type of book won’t find new ideas here; the themes of positive thinking, forming an intention, visualizing outcomes, and changing attitudes toward money to attract more are evergreen in the world of self-help literature. The difference here is that they’re laid out simply, supported with quotes from the Bible, Shakti Gawain, Ernest Holmes, and others, and each chapter features the aforementioned worksheets with useful questions, goal-setting ideas, and so forth, so after reading a chapter you’re automatically called on to use what you’ve just learned.

The writing is plainspoken and simple, and Bissett’s personal anecdotes are funny and self-deprecating. She tells a story about looking for dry beans in a small market. Turned away empty-handed, she was still certain she’d get the beans when a store employee approached to offer her a 25-pound bag full for ten dollars. Abundance indeed.

A few typographical errors don’t detract from the prose, and Bissett cites all the sources she consulted within the text, should readers want to explore further. The ideas that make up this wing of the self-help genre will likely never change, but what individual authors do with them varies widely. Bissett has produced a slender volume that’s packed with information and quality writing. Well done.

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