A Word from “Brother” Jeanne

Jeanne Webb Davis

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United Methodist minister Jeanne Webb Davis shares a lifetime of wisdom to help readers make sense of living the Christian life.

Davis’s quirky, fun personality shines through the very title of her book. As a teenager in the 1940s, Davis felt God calling her to become a minister, but at the time it was “a ridiculous idea for a girl.” Finally, at age 55, her preacher husband encouraged her to attend seminary, lovingly teasing her with the title “Brother” Jeanne. In this brief, candid look at life as a minister, Davis’s experiences serve as the backdrop for discussions about loving others, prayer, consequences, busyness and the importance of serving in the church.

At almost 80 years old, Davis has no doubts about God’s existence, based on the experiences she has had serving Him all her life. With the tone of a loving, spunky grandmother, she encourages readers to fill their “hearts with a service of love that rises above every other activity” and to live by faith, trusting in God’s “invisible trail” of blessings that you can only see looking back on your life.

Although the book expresses an upbeat, joyful outlook on life, Davis has had her share of heartaches and difficulties, including losing her husband to lung cancer. She shares tips on coping with hopelessness and dark times, such as praying the Psalms daily and having patience and trusting that God will “lead [you] out of the wilderness.”

Beautifully written and smart, the book’s only negative is that it isn’t longer. Humorous anecdotes about her cluelessness in the new world of the Internet, her favorite computer game’s “superior” moral integrity in not letting her cheat, and an “infatuated sheep lady” who tried to woo her husband during lunch endear Davis to readers.

Anyone walking the path of Christianity will find something in Davis’ contribution to ponder. Her reflections on pastoring 25 congregations will also find special appeal with new and seasoned clergy.

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