A Very Sick Practice

Janet Cee

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 345 Price: (paperback) $16.33 ISBN: 9781490736655 Reviewed: November, 2014 Author Website: Visit »

A Very Sick Practice is the story of four very different women who have one thing in common: They want revenge on those who hurt them.

As Alison attends a seminar in Canberra, Australia, she sees a familiar face in the crowd: her former college friend, Kate, who she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years. As the two reconnect, they learn each other’s darkest secrets. Alison thought she’d been wronged over the course of her life, but when she learns what Kate has been through, she becomes even angrier. Alison introduces Kate to her friends, including Anne and Helen, two women who are ready to help Alison and Kate achieve the revenge they so very badly want.

An escapist fantasy at its core, A Very Sick Practice isn’t exactly realistic, but it delivers plenty of cathartic fun. The characters are well-written, if a little extreme. These are very angry women who have been victims of injustice. The reader can see that they’re passionate about achieving their revenge and righting these wrongs, but their story is not all about selfishness — they are intent on helping one another, not merely focusing on their own causes.

That being said, the cruelty in this book isn’t subtle (both in terms of what Kate and Alison experienced as well as their revenge plot), and some readers might balk at the lengths these women go to and what they consider justice.

Despite any flaws, one quality is paramount: A Very Sick Practice holds a reader’s attention from beginning to end. The novel likely has a narrow target audience, but those who enjoy twisted, morally gray reads will find many satisfactions here.

Also available in hardcover.

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