A Treatise of Conjecture on the True Nature of God

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Publisher: Outskirts Press Pages: 106 Price: (paperback) $13.95 ISBN: 9781977228376 Reviewed: March, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

A Treatise of Conjecture on the True Nature of God challenges prevailing white supremecist interpretations of the Bible and encourages readers to seek historical truth to find the key to peaceful abundant living.

In the opening pages, the author addresses the assumption that God’s chosen people – the Hebrew Israelites – were Caucasian. He states that “the Hebrew Israelite Nation…were Black people, overwhelmingly.” While the author’s primary focus is undoubtedly to encourage people of color to regain “a position you lost through your ancestors’ disobedience, and your ignorance,” he manages to cut the racial tension that potentially could arise in such a work, stating: “understanding the Biblical import of Deuteronomy [curses God placed upon disobedient Israelites] is much more relevant than placing blame on whites…”

After this discussion, the author takes the book in an unexpected direction, leading readers of all races to an understanding of their need for God. With the tone of a wise, loving grandfather, the author details the distracted, selfish nature of modern humanity and points to biblical wisdom as the answer to life’s endless problems. His comments on politics, racial discrimination, sex, drugs, wealth, and a brilliant comparison between the abundance of King Solomon and the desolation of Job, unite all humanity under our need to “[b]e still, and know, [sic] that I am God.”

The book has some technical issues. Oddly, over a third of the pages serve as a foreword; scripture references are missing, and there are numerous typographical errors marring the book’s polished presentation. Yet the author writes with an endearing, humble confidence. His abilities as a writer, especially his powerful illustrative stories that effortlessly clarify his message, outshine the imperfections and validate him as an author worth reading.

This message to the black community reaches beyond racial lines and is a timely and relevant read for all, regardless of race or color.

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