A Scammer, A Diamond, and Ransom

J. Morewood Osborne

Publisher: Primix Publishing Pages: 636 Price: (paperback) $22.99 ISBN: 9798891940819 Reviewed: June, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

A Scammer, a Diamond, and Ransom is J. Morewood Osborne’s true account of his encounter with an online dating scammer and the ensuing fallout as told through their email exchanges.

Newly single, John Osborne casually joins a dating site. Despite having sworn off love, when Beck Hill contacts him, John is thunderstruck by their connection and is immediately swept up in a whirlwind romance.

Beck agrees to move from London to John’s home in Sydney, but needs John to front the $1,500 for required expenses. When he’s evidently robbed on his way to the airport, it begins a cycle of Beck pressuring John to send more money for increasingly suspicious reasons—and John relenting.

When John secures a loan for a replacement ticket, Beck surprises him with news that he’s inherited a valuable diamond. His intention is to sell it upon arrival to repay John. Unsurprisingly, John is horrified when he receives a letter from “The Diamond Council” stating that they’re holding Beck and the diamond hostage until John pays $1,500. John alerts authorities, who inform him he’s been had and advise him to cease contact. But John is unwilling to walk away from his money or his fairy tale ending.

Osborne wants readers to understand why he took Beck at his word, despite his growing skepticism, occasionally offering critical retrospective analysis. However, thoughtful insight labors under the weight of circuitous arguments about money, inconsequential small talk, explicit sexual fantasies, and editorial errors. Once readers clear these hurdles, they arrive at the story’s conclusion, which proves as elusive and vague as Beck himself.

The intended audience for A Scammer, a Diamond, and Ransom is unclear. Readers looking for a page-turning, cloak-and-dagger story won’t find it here, and those seeking advice on avoiding the same fate will find little insight in its pages. As such, the book is unlikely to have wide appeal.

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