A Place to Hide a Place to Seek: Refuge in the Time of Storms

Thelma Mabry

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A Place to Hide a Place to Seek is a Bible study for readers experiencing difficult times and seeking rest.

Author Thelma Mabry faced major life storms as she managed her tax business, coped with rebellious children, provided care for an aunt with Alzheimer’s, faced financial insecurities, and developed health issues. She wanted to run away. Instead, Mabry journeyed to places of refuge in God. Her book shows readers how to take this journey themselves.

In the Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites to build cities of refuge for anyone who accidentally killed another. Mabry makes analogies to these ancient cities as she travels through seven “cities” of praise, prayer, promise, peace, perseverance, prosperity, and power. For example, in Chapter 17, “City of Perseverance,” Mabry explains that in the God-appointed cities, a refugee was required to remain there until the high priest died, which could be a long time. She writes, “In the city of Perseverance, we want to learn about bearing up under trials, pressing on despite the obstacles, and developing character that does not allow us to surrender to circumstances.”

Mabry’s work is well written, well organized, and, as evidenced by her source list, well researched. She uses anecdotes from her own life in the introductory chapters, but then relies on Bible stories and specific Scriptures to make her points. She effectively incorporates subtitles and lists to help the reader find and comprehend information. Her journey through each city ends with study questions for reflection and Scripture for personal devotions.

A Place to Hide a Place to Seek will be welcomed by a wide audience of Christians. The book offers an introspective study that will help the reader (whether going through difficulties or not) face life with God’s power. Mabry’s work would be effective as a group Bible study as well as being an excellent personal resource for laypersons and those in Christian service.

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