A Message of Love: A Guide to Finding Real Love and Your Purpose in Life

Sandra Brown

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In A Message of Love, Ms. Sandra explores the biblical meaning of love and offers insight into how a correct view of love brings peace, purpose and fulfillment.

In this brief work, Ms. Sandra contrasts definitions of love from the Bible with popular modern perceptions to redirect misguided understanding. She opens with a biblical definition taken from 1 Corinthians 13:4: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast…” This ideal is contrasted with how today’s media “portrays love as being an obsessive, infatuated, and possessive or ‘toxic’ emotion.” She clarifies that “love is not a feeling, but an action” and proposes that skewed ideals, in reality, paint the object of love as a “false god” or describe an “abusive relationship.”

In an upbeat, non-preachy tone, Ms. Sandra encourages readers to realign their understanding of love with the biblical perspective to bring positive change to their lives. She wisely uses true events to illustrate concepts. For example, to expound on loving one’s enemies, she shares the story of two men who forgave and helped a young woman who, under the influence of drugs, caused a car accident that killed both of their mothers. The mothers were both pastors, and these sons extended biblical love to the guilty girl to help her make positive changes. Brown sprinkles similar stories throughout to help readers grasp concepts.

Moving beyond the basic, Ms. Sandra branches out into interesting chapters on self-love, loving others, and commanding respect; each ending with a recap, positive proclamations and activities to engage readers. Ms. Sandra ties everything up with a refreshing discussion of how love is essential to determining one’s purpose in life and accomplishing goals.

Written at an easy, quick pace, the only downfall is that there isn’t more to read. Uplifting and intriguing, Ms. Sandra’s Message of Love will be enjoyed by a wide audience seeking answers to one of life’s most common questions: What is love?

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