A Love World

Dr. Rose GS

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Dr. Rose GS (aka Rozieta Shaara) is a public speaker who posits that love is the answer to today’s problems. Everyone deserves a wonderful world, she explains, and everyone can contribute to making it so.

Dr. Rose believes that prior to our birth, our souls know that we are called to propel love in the world, but once here, we forget how to do so. As a result of our parenting and experiences, we learn that life is a win-lose (aggressive) or lose-lose (passive-aggressive) proposition instead of following the natural harmonious plan of give and take. With effort, she writes, we can remember our pre-birth purpose and improve our lives.

To that end, the author suggests first embracing our own inherent goodness and beauty. This then allows us to turn outward and share love and kindness with others. As she melds mainstream religious concepts of God with New Age ideas, such as vibration theory and harmonic energy, she peppers her narrative with examples from her own life and spiritual journey.

Dr. Rose is earnest in her presentation and intentions, but too often her work relies on platitudes, e.g.: “everything happens for a reason” or “being happy with what you have is important.” While such truisms are easy to accept on the surface, readers may want more depth. Also, some inclusions would carry more weight with attribution. (For example, she writes about a mass slaughter of sheep by irresponsible farmers, but fails to provide sources that would offer fuller context.)

The book suffers sometimes from a lack of focus and flow, and the grammar can be error-prone (e.g., subject/verb agreement, incorrect punctuation). Additionally, some errors of inconsistency exist, such as declaring four steps to the healing process, then providing only three.

While no groundbreaking ideas are presented here, those seeking ultimate answers, or who are unsettled in their lives, may find value in Dr. Rose’s ideas, which will underscore what others have said in various platforms.

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