A Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Filtration Systems

E T Chan

Publisher: Partridge Singapore Pages: 118 Price: (paperback) $39.98 ISBN: 9781482831641 Reviewed: January, 2016

Author ET Chan has been involved in the swimming pool industry for more than 30 years. During that time, he has often found himself, as he notes in his Preface, “appalled by the poor standards of installations that I was fortunate to have witnessed….” Here, he aims to raise the bar by offering readers the knowledge they need to effectively design, operate and maintain swimming pools.

Chan has worked in Singapore and “around the Asian region,” according to his author bio. He notes that “Most of the information [in the book] reflects the practices in Singapore” and advises readers in other regions to give precedence to local codes and methods.

The author promises a book that is “easy reading,” and he delivers on that. His writing is generally clear, straightforward and well-organized. Chan offers 17 chapters, touching on everything from “Principles of Pumping” and “Sizing of Filters,” to “Pool Fittings” and “Maintenance Equipment.” Particularly useful are the chapters on the “Principles of Swimming Pool Water Treatment” and “Computation of Swimming Pool Volume,” as well a chapter on troubleshooting that provides a list of possible causes for common malfunctions. (For example, he notes that if the circulation pump is producing “insufficient output,” pool operators should check to see if a) it has been primed correctly; b) it has air leaks in the suction line, and so on.) The author even provides a chapter on “Fun Pools” — recreational pools with interactive water-play equipment.

Occasionally, the author’s sentence structure is awkward, as in, “A recent innovation creates the surfing pool.” And at times, he veers into tangents; in a chapter about designing pools to minimize drowning danger, for example, he makes a plea for society to teach swimming at an early age — a worthy idea, but irrelevant to the design issue.

Such distractions are minimal, however. Overall, those tasked with creating and maintaining swimming pools will find a wealth of information from an assured guide in these pages.

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