A Candle for My Mother: A Daughter’s Journey Toward Gratitude, Inspired by the Stories of Lorraine E. Newton

Pamela L. Newton

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Inspired by her mother’s love of family and adventure, Pamela L. Newton’s A Candle For My Mother is a heartfelt journal comprised of her mother’s true stories and reflections that help guide Newton’s own travels and personal journey of gratitude.

In 1954, with her husband working for Iraq Petroleum Company, Lorraine Newton and her four young daughters moved to the Middle East. For this intrepid, fun-loving mother, it was the chance of a lifetime. Over the next few years, the family lived in unfamiliar surroundings, travelled through Europe, experienced cultural differences, dealt with family separations and political upheaval, and survived a hurricane.

Daughter Pam, an entertainment marketing executive, shares her mother’s thoughts and words from that time through Lorraine’s candid, enthusiastic letters to a friend and transcribed recordings she made prior to her death. Whether describing the colorful local souk (bazaar) where she’d purchase 100 eggs at a time just to find a dozen good ones, recalling the comic scenario of three men arriving to fix a crooked lampshade at her Kirkuk home, or detailing the life-size moving figures featured in Vienna’s renowned Anker clock, Lorraine proves herself an avid storyteller with the eye of a well-traveled tour guide.

Newton, too, relates details of her own trips, as well as remembrances of her mother. Her quieter tone and drier business commentary contrasts with the vibrancy of her mother’s writing style. Each chapter closes as she lights candles along her journey in her mother’s honor. From Westminster Abbey to a sacred Chinese temple, Lorraine’s influence is honored with this simple tradition. Black and white family photos are included, as are blank pages for readers to add their own thoughts or remembrances.

Readers will enjoy the stories offered in this book. Part travelogue, part personal family journal, it’s a daughter’s loving tribute to a mother who imparted valuable lessons about appreciating the gift of family and friends, exploring the world and its opportunities, and reaching for the stars.

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