A.C.E.S. for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College and Beyond

Tracy G. Crump, PhD, JD, LLM

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Tracy G. Crump leverages her time spent as a first-generation college student and her professional experiences as a tenured professor, attorney, and entrepreneur to offer A.C.E.S for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College and Beyond.

This guide—A.C.E.S stands for achievement-driven; capacity-informed; enthusiasm-oriented; and skill-building-focused—breaks down what’s needed for success into three parts. In part one (“Mindset—Believe in Yourself”), Crump offers guidance to develop emotional intelligence and a strong sense of identity while recognizing fruitful sources of motivation.

In part two (“Practical Skills for College Success—Prepare Yourself”), Crump provides detailed insights and information about notetaking methods, learning methods, and how to recognize various learning styles. This section also includes information about investigating pre-semester activities (such as campus visits and student orientation days), negotiating relationships, being productive and managing time.

In part three (“Strategies for Future Success—Plan for Your Win”), Crump guides students in how to access professor expertise and available resources. Then, it’s time for students to develop their own leadership voices, prepare for career success, and care for themselves.

Throughout the book, Crump offers space to write down answers to questions and QR barcodes that readers can scan with their smartphones for even more information, plus additional resources.

The book is well written: clear, logically organized, and easy to follow. It contains the type of information across a broad spectrum that college students would need (but may not yet realize that), and it’s apparent throughout that Crump is quite experienced on her topic.

This guide would be ideal for students who seek a strategic approach to creating a positive, effective college experience and for parents, especially those who didn’t attend college, to better understand their children’s upcoming needs and help them. It would also be an excellent resource for high school counselors.

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