20 Erotic Tales

Robert Broadmind

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“Now it was me who had to swallow hard. What a sight. Good God, what will this lead to. I have to watch out or I will be tempted.” This is one of the few passages safe to quote from in 20 Erotic Tales, a book that more than lives up to its title.

Author Robert Broadmind sets his stories in a variety of international locales, but there’s not much time spent discussing the scenery. These trysts happen quickly, with very little preamble and precious little in the way of plot. That’s not a complaint; Broadmind writes well, and when he does add more detail, the stories benefit from the effort.

In “Hillbilly Country,” for example, a married couple, both professors, enjoy their remote property in the Appalachians but dislike their neighbors, whom they deride as hillbillies. When the man begins to lurk around the perimeter of their property, they tease him with increasingly daring acts of sexual exposure. Before they know what has happened, “R.” has insinuated himself into their relationship and proves to be smarter and far more manipulative than they’d expected. Then his wife joins the fray. The story is packed with explicit sex, but it’s also a fine piece of suspense fiction.

There’s one error in the book that may simply be a printing glitch; a generous section of a story on page 95 reappears verbatim within another story on page 183 and goes on for several paragraphs. Another issue that may hamper the reading experience is the fact that the author has lived in many countries and some of his slang may be confusing. It’s not too hard to derive his intent when talking about a woman’s “lap,” but he uses “tail” in a way this reader had never before encountered.

Those are minor quarrels, though. 20 Erotic Tales makes its intentions clear in the title; readers who enjoy such things are in for a treat.

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