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Twin Flames

Tanja Kobasic

Stone Series Publishing, 551 pages, (ebook) $5.99, 9780988155442
(Reviewed: October, 2014)

The second installment of Tanja Kobasic’s Untapped series—and sequel to Vanishing Twin—continues the strange but mesmerizing story of conjoined twins Scarlett and Jade Jennings, who are fused at the pelvis and have become pop culture celebrities after writing a phenomenally successful inspirational autobiography.

Living in Las Vegas, Scarlett is involved in a passionate relationship with […]

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Vanishing Twin

Tanja Kobasic

Stone Series Publishing , 416 pages, (ebook) $5.99, 9780988155428
(Reviewed: June, 2014)

This undeniably unique and entertaining dark fantasy revolves around conjoined twins: two strong-willed and inspiring women who are fused at the pelvis.

The story begins with the sisters, Scarlett and Jade, in the midst of a national book tour promoting their New York Times bestselling autobiography, My Sister’s Hands, in Las Vegas. But in Sin […]

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Angels in Stone

Tanja Kobasic

Stone Series Publishing, 444 pages, (paperback) $17.00, 9780988155404
(Reviewed: April, 2013)

A fascinating fusion of occult-powered fantasy and existential horror, this novel — the first installment in a projected five-book series — revolves around a desperate woman’s attempt to save her marriage by enlisting the help of a voodoo priestess and her harrowing journey of self-discovery that follows.

The narrative of 43-year old Manhattan realtor Claire […]

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