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Witches Protection Program

Michael Okon

Wordfire Press, 200 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781614759942
(Reviewed: July, 2019)

Michael Okon’s young adult novel introduces readers to a world in which witches are real, and the good ones sometimes need protection.

Witches Protection Program centers on just-disgraced federal agent, Wes Rockville. He has accidentally screwed up the transportation of a prisoner, and his boss—and father, Harris Rockville—gives him one more chance with a reassignment […]

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Michael Okon

WordFire Press, 250 pages, (hardcover) $27.99, 9781614756316
(Reviewed: February, 2019)

With a tone and narrative content that should appeal to young adult and adult readers, Michael Okon’s Monsterland is a page-turning fusion of fantasy, horror, and apocalyptic fiction that follows high school senior Wyatt as he and his friends secure tickets to the grand opening of a revolutionary theme park featuring real-life monsters.

The story […]

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Monsterland Reanimated

Michael Okon

Wordfire Press, 233 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781614756729
(Reviewed: October, 2018)

Blending elements of apocalyptic fiction, horror, science fiction, and fantasy, Okon’s sequel to 2017’s Monsterland continues the audacious tale set in a world gone mad after a plague decimates humankind and monsters from various theme parks around the world escape to wreak havoc.

Set largely around the small town of Copper Valley, California—the site of […]

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