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I Don’t Like to Eat Ants

JTK Belle

Picklefish Press, 34 pages, (hardcover) $16.99, 9780578499512
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

JTK Belle’s delightful fourth children’s picture book begins with a surprising comment: “‘I don’t like to eat ants,’/ said Anteater One./‘They don’t taste very good/ and they tickle my tongue.’” Thus ensues a lively discussion between two anteaters about their diet of insects.

Anteater Two is incredulous when Anteater One, with crossed arms, defiantly declares […]

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Tommy O’Tom in a Tub O’Trouble

JTK Belle and Mike Motz

Picklefish Press, 30 pages, (paperback) $7.99, 9781976891625
(Reviewed: February, 2018)

Tommy O’Tom in a Tub O’Trouble is a delightful picture book for both parents and children, bringing an element of wonder into the familiar setting of bath time.

Tommy is enjoying himself in the bathtub when he’s joined, one by one, by a few unexpected guests: first a giraffe and hippo, who are soon followed […]

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Freeda the Cheetah

JTK Belle

Picklefish Press, 48 pages, (hardcover) $17.99, 9780692947906
(Reviewed: October, 2017)

JTK Belle (an acronym/pseudonym for Jeff, Tommy, and Katie Belle) offers a fun tale of animals playing hide-and-go-seek on the African savannah, highlighting a standout player whose name gives the picture book its title, Freeda the Cheetah.

As the story begins, a lion, elephant, zebra, hippo, and many other animals play alongside each […]

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Blueink Best Book

Carlos the Impossible

JTK Belle

Incongruous Press, 45 pages, paperback, $5.99, 9781452877624
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

In this short but elegant novella, an aging matador from Mexico meets his greatest adversary in an infamous bull from the American heartland. Inspired by traditional folk tales, the author sets his story in an indeterminate time period, spinning a legend all his own with the compassion and verve of a born storyteller.

The novella […]

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