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Balian d’Ibelin: Knight of Jerusalem

Helena P. Schrader

Wheatmark, 370 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9781627878166
(Reviewed: July, 2020)

With Balian d’Ibelin: Knight of Jerusalem, Helena P. Schrader crafts an epic novel of the late 12th century Crusades. Originally released in 2014 and reissued in 2020 with revisions, the work begins an intended tetralogy covering the lifespan of its protagonist.

The third son of the Constable of Jaffa (who died soon after his birth), […]

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The Emperor Strikes Back

Helena P. Schrader

Wheatmark, 433 pages, (paperback) $23.95, 9781627876995
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

With The Emperor Strikes Back, Helena P. Schrader crafts a brilliant historical novel infused with a wealth of primary and secondary source material.

The second book in a series of novels covering approximately two decades of conflict between the emperor Frederick II and the “barons of Outremer,” The Emperor Strikes Back also functions […]

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Rebels Against Tyranny: Civil War in the Crusader States

Helena P. Schrader

Wheatmark, 430 pages, (paperback) $20.95, 9781627876247
(Reviewed: October, 2018)

The lovely 13th century-inspired cover of Helena Schrader’s Rebels Against Tyranny suggests the promise of a well-wrought yarn set in the Middle Ages. Indeed, the author delivers a robust and irresistible tale brimming with historical accuracy.

Schrader’s story takes place in the early 1200s, just beyond the major Crusades in what is sometimes referred to […]

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Envoy of Jerusalem: Balian d’Ibelin and the Third Crusade

Helena P. Schrader

Wheatmark, 492 pages, , 9781627873970
(Reviewed: August, 2016)

In Envoy of Jerusalem, the third volume of her biographical novel about Balian d’Ibelin, Helena P. Schrader sheds light on the later years of the Crusades.

The story begins in Tyre, October 1187. Balian and his wife, Maria, Dowager Queen of Jerusalem, despair over Jerusalem’s capitulation to Muslim ruler Salah ad-Din. It seems […]

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