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Chloe Cha Chas in London

Caroline Orlovsky and Corky Ballas, illustrated by David Estrada

Mascot Books, 40 pages, (hardcover) $19.99, 9781637552834
(Reviewed: April, 2022)

Professional dancers Corky Ballas and Carolina Orlovsky have partnered to create a children’s picture book that combines a warm story of youthful determination with directions for dancing the Cha Cha.

Canadian Chloe, 10, longs to join her older brother George, 12, in London, where he’s studying dance with the famous Mr. and Mrs. Spin. Her […]

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The Very Hungry Bear

Dirdura Wynn

Xlibris, 26 pages, (paperback) $12.99, 9781664190535
(Reviewed: April, 2022)

A bear who lacks self-control helps herself to the food of other animals in Dirdura Wynn’s children’s picture book The Very Hungry Bear.

A bear wakes up hungry and sets off to find food. On her way to the stream, she sees a basketful of berries, lettuce, and carrots, and can’t resist eating the contents. […]

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Spider’s New Friend

Dirdura Wynn, illustrated by Sheila Wynn

Xlibris, 38 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781543498158
(Reviewed: April, 2022)

A spider forgives and helps the grouchy bug who once made fun of him in the children’s picture book Spider’s New Friend.

Spider is headed up the water spout to a market where spiders push carts and buy bugs for their families. But as rain begins to fall, Spider falls, too. Seeing this, Big Grouchy […]

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Eudora Space Kid, Book Two: The Lobster Tale

David Horn

David Horn, 92 pages, (paperback) $4.99, 9781736677421
(Reviewed: April, 2022)

In David Horn’s second chapter book in the Eudora Space Kid series, a precocious third-grader who lives in outer space plots to save the ship’s lobsters from being eaten.

Living on a massive spaceship provides ample opportunities for Eudora to pull pranks using her advanced technological skills—activities that often land her in the brig. She […]

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Night-night, Body

Ted Scheu

Beaver's Pond Press, 32 pages, (hardcover) $19.95, 9781643437484
(Reviewed: March, 2022)

With a gentle poem to lull the body to sleep and dreamlike illustrations, Night-night Body is a picture book meant to wind children down for bed.

This rhyming picture book makes its way from top to bottom—legs, tummy, lungs, neck—lovingly sending good night wishes to each body part. Nearly every stanza receives a full two-page […]

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Daddy Goes To Work

Arpan V. Shah, illustrated by Alland Wijaya and Arpan V. Shah

Arpan Shah, 32 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9798402799455
(Reviewed: March, 2022)

A day in the life of a young child and her working father is portrayed in Arpan V. Shah’s charming children’s picture book, Daddy Goes to Work.

The idea of parents “going to work” can be difficult to visualize and even harder to understand its necessity for young children. By demystifying the experience through these […]

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Toofer and the Giblet

Paulette LeBlanc, illustrated by Dmitriy Morozov

Dragon Horse Publishing, (hardcover) $18.99 pages, 94, 9798985150704
(Reviewed: March, 2022)

In this warm, thought-provoking middle-grade book, two mice share a home and are best friends, despite their different personalities.

The book is divided into ten chapters, each teaching a different life lesson as Toofer and The Giblet interact with each other and the animals that live in Nimblewood. The Giblet is impulsive, messy and imaginative— […]

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The Adventures of Big Dog: Troubles and Triumph

Donald R. Draayer

Westwood Books, 84 pages, (paperback) $14.00, 9781648039263
(Reviewed: March, 2022)

Two children who have pleaded with their parents for a pup are overjoyed when asked to watch their neighbor’s dog, hoping to change their parents’ minds. But alas, major mayhem ensues.

In Donald R. Draayer’s middle-grade book, siblings Dawn and Dirk love to play with BIG DOG, their next-door neighbor’s rambunctious Golden Retriever. When their […]

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Sammy’s Monsterous Thoughts

Derek Pedersen

PFV Kids, 40 pages, (paperback) $8.99, 9798985246001
(Reviewed: March, 2022)

A girl who loves inventing things faces the monsters created by her negative thoughts in the excellent children’s picture book Sammy’s Monsterous Thoughts.

Sammy, a young inventor, is spending Saturday inventing a new gizmo, but when she tries it out she gets an electric shock. Frustrated and angry, Sammy releases a negative thought: “I can’t […]

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Self-Care with Ted and Friends

Najma Khorrami, illustrated by Maria Ballarin

Mascot Kids, 38 pages, (hardcover) $15.95, 9781645439974
(Reviewed: March, 2022)

An enjoyable picture book with adorable illustrations, Self-Care with Ted and Friends demonstrates how to care for yourself and others through examples of fun activities.

Reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, Ted is a tawny-furred bear with a host of animal friends. Ted narrates a selection of activities he and his friends enjoy and how their […]

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