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Borderland Birds: Nesting Birds of the Southern Border

Roland H. Wauer

Xlibris, 236 pages, (paperback) $50.99, 9781984587930
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

In Borderland Birds, passionate birder, biologist, and retired National Park Service ranger Roland H. Wauer blends bird inventories of the U.S. border with Mexico with his personal observations of birds in this range for over four decades.

Following a brief introduction, the author offers 90 color photos and nearly 50 entries on individual nesting birds, […]

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The Twelve Murders of Christmas: A Toni Day Mystery

Jane Bennett Munro

iUniverse, 338 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781663202710
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Jane Bennett Munro’s The Twelve Murders of Christmas reprises her popular protagonist Toni Day in this holiday mystery-lite.

When Toni Day receives an unusual Christmas card in the mail at the beginning of the story, it does little to put her in the holiday spirit: Instead of celebrating the usual pleasantries of the season, it […]

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Defending Trump: A Debate on the Trump Presidency in Real Time

Stephen Barry and Marc Z. Lieberman

iUniverse, 774 pages, (paperback) $28.99, 9781663201201
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

If anyone, say 60 years from now, stumbled upon Stephen Barry and Marc Lieberman’s Defending Trump, he would find a characteristic sample of the attitudes, indignations, furies and hopes surrounding the 45th president of the United States. Spanning the days between July 29, 2017 and April 12, 2020, Defending Trump is a collection of texts […]

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Underage Drinking: Risks of Disease and Injuries

Rameshwar N Bhardwaj Ph.D.

Trafford, 110 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781698701721
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Excessive alcohol use, including episodic or binge drinking, is increasing in many countries. Author Rameshwar N. Bhardwaj points out in his new book Underage Drinking: Risks of Disease and Injuries, that the consequences can be devastating to individuals and to society.

In this extensively researched and referenced mega-analysis study, Bhardwaj highlights the risk factors for […]

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Fathering the Fatherless

Todd Johnson

AuthorHouse, 73 pages, (hardcover) $20.99, 9781728333120
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Todd Johnson uses his book to encourage fathers to be active, present, godly examples in their children’s lives to combat the epidemic of fatherlessness and its long-lasting damage to society.

Johnson never knew his father. By age 17 he was a pot-smoking high school dropout, abandoning his own child. Johnson attributes many of his failures […]

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The Loathing: When I Close My Eyes, Book 1

Wilder Nash

Australian eBook Publisher, 560 pages, (paperback) $35.00, 9781925999150
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Action takes front and center in Wilder Nash’s fast-paced thriller The Loathing.

Maddox Edward Hunter is an Australian employed by Breed Tactical as a security contractor working in Pakistan for the American government. He must recapture an Aussie prisoner named Poltroon, who escaped from custody and wound up in a Taliban warlord’s hands.

At six-feet-five, […]

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Western Wizards at War: Book 1: OLRIC!

Cameron Dickie

AuthorHouse, 176 pages, (paperback) $17.23, 9781728389356
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

In the first installment of a planned fantasy series, author Cameron Dickie immediately immerses readers into the ambiance of Polzeath Beach, a sandy stretch on England’s southwestern tip that becomes the setting for a conflict featuring mythical figures from England’s misty prehistory.

Three children, James, Jo and Jake (dubbed “the 3Js”), are visiting their uncle’s […]

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The Billion Dollar Health Lie

Leo August, Jr.

iUniverse, 262 pages, (paperback) $16.95, 9781532061004
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Leo August, Jr.’s novel The Billion Dollar Health Lie aims to highlight problems within the pharmaceutical industry and federal oversight organizations.

The plot starts with a bang when a mother and father pick up their 13-year-old daughter from Christian summer camp to get her treatment for a severe sore throat. Although they prefer holistic remedies, […]

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Where Eagles Never Flew: A Battle of Britain Novel

Helena P. Schrader

Cross Seas Press, 594 pages, (paperback) , 9781735313948
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

The life of a fighter pilot on both sides of the Battle of Britain in all its confusion, fear, and soul-deadening fatigue is captured in Helena P. Schrader’s novel, Where Eagles Never Flew.

In a three-month period in 1940, the fate of England hung in the balance as the English defended against large-scale air attacks […]

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Tyler Helm

iUniverse, 486 pages, (paperback) $24.99, 9781532084423
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

More than 100 years after Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla fought a war over electricity, two billionaires clash over an equally dynamic breakthrough rooted in renewable energy.

Tyler Helm’s novel Sustainability, concerns a high-stakes battle to control the future of the world’s energy market, starting with Neom, a planned Saudi Arabia metropolis, the brainchild of […]

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