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Walking in the Gray: How to Succeed When the Rules Are Not Black and White

Rickey L. Jasper

iUniverse, 322 pages, (paperback) $28.99, 9781532091131
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

Rickey L. Jasper’s Walking in the Gray: How to Succeed When the Rules Are Not Black and White aims to offer a fresh take on how to deal with one of life’s greatest challenges: navigating areas that are “neither black or white, where the rules are unclear, unwritten, or altogether unknown,” as the author writes […]

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I Am God, I Am Jesus, I Am Allah, The Truth Will Set You Free

Jeff Olson

iUniverse, 54 pages, (paperback) $10.99, 9781532091902
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

Author Jeff Olson’s I Am God, I Am Jesus, I Am Allah is an amalgam of puzzling statements regarding religion, spirituality and the author’s visionary and mystical experiences.

“In this book I am going to tell you many things you probably have not heard of before,” begins Olson, “…God calls me Allah, and Noel [another […]

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The Runaway Snowman

Bilgin Anadolu

Xlibris, 192 pages, (paperback) $33.95, 9781984592323
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

In Bilgin Anadolu’s children’s chapter book, a snowman comes to life and heads for the North Pole, joined by other misfits along the way.

One winter night somewhere in Europe, a snowman escapes his yard. He decides that to be safe and free he must get to the North Pole, “where the snow falls all […]

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Cor Meum Poetry: Poetry of My Heart

Richard Patterson

iUniverse, 84 pages, (paperback) $12.99, 9781532084331
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

Richard Patterson, author of Cor Meum Poetry, a work centered on his Christian faith, notes that the subject matter of his poetry had its “genesis in dreams.” The collection’s dreamy mood is expressed through reflections on an awesome god and the use of stark imagery, as if to say that the human soul is on […]

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From Us to Me: The Israeli Cinema Between Nationalism and Individualism, 1964-1994

Dror Izhar

iUniverse, 384 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781532048999
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

In From Us to Me, historian Dror Izhar offers an analysis of the early titans of Israeli cinema.

The first of a two-volume series, this work traces a cinematic path from the collective to the individual. Much of Izhar’s analysis stems from the lives and works of three early Israeli filmmakers: Ephraim Kishon, Uri Zohar […]

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Shorts That Fit Well: A Collection of Inspirational Short Storiesj

Wayne E. Beyea

iUniverse, 156 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532085598
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

In Shorts That Fit Well, author Wayne E. Beyea has compiled a collection of what he calls “inspirational short stories.” He’s a witty, conversational writer who combines truth and fiction, humor and more serious pieces.

In his nonfiction pieces, Beyea shares stories of pets and how they came to join the family and of his […]

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Trestle Board the Texas Witches Curse

Abraham Zager

Xlibris, 118 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781984557216
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

Abraham Zager claims to be recounting true events of 2010-11 in Trestle Board the Texas Witches Curse, a deeply strange, extremely violent, and funny (sometimes unintentionally) narrative.

The bare bones of the story are as follows: When Zager tries to recover money he’s owed by an employer, the man vows revenge and turns to a […]

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Explicit Healing

Troy Chavez

Xlibris, 136 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781796075441
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

Troy Chavez’s Explicit Healing is a collection of dense prose poems that, near the fulcrum of the book, gives way to a highly compressed, six-act screenplay called The Kings [sic] Court.

Chavez’s poetry is generally energetic and rhythmical, perhaps intended to be performed as spoken-word, almost like hip-hop, as in “The Rambling Lover: “Spread to […]

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Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Histories

Elizabeth Reinach

Xlibris, 118 pages, (paperback) $20.17, 9781984593108
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Histories (a companion volume to Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Fizzies and Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Scaries) is comprised of Elizabeth Reinach’s historical vignettes, written over a 10-year period.

The pieces, most only a few pages long, offer nontraditional takes on the past. For instance, in the hilarious “Jeremy Kyle in History,” the British talk-show […]

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What If?: Ideas on Creation, Our Universe, Our Life, How We Got Here, and How We Get Home!

Charlee Stardust

BalboaPress, 172 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781504389457
(Reviewed: May, 2020)

In What If?, Charlee Stardust shares metaphysical conclusions derived from the his own spiritual growth.

Noting that he’s “not a scientist” and that his viewpoints are “sprinkled with faith,” Stardust explores the nature of existence. God, he claims, is a neutral, perfect source energy. Originally we were a part of this source energy, but we […]

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