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The Hennessy Lie

Annette Masters

Barred Rock Books, 303 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9798989864508
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

The Hennessy Lie is a suspenseful YA thriller filled with mysteries and twists.

College student Piper, struggling with classes and her controlling mother, encounters a strange man who gives her a package revealing her true family history. Suddenly, with help from her roommate and best friend Mia, along with a newfound ally, Piper must search […]

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Not That Kind of Call Girl

Nova García

The Wild Rose Press, 260 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781509255085
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

This tale revolves around two Mexican women, each with very different lives; one who struggles with everyday problems, the other who faces grave danger.

As the story opens, Julia Navarro-Nilsson is about to take maternity leave from her job as a supervisor at a newspaper call center and is looking to hire a new employee […]

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Bomber Boys: WWII Flight Jacket Art

John Slemp

John Slemp, 398 pages, (hardcover) $129.95, 9798986516905
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

John Slemp’s beautifully crafted, fascinating coffee-table book highlights the leather bomber jackets worn by aviators during WWII.

Featuring stunningly crisp photographs (color and black-and-white) and an artful layout, the book is divided into sections offering the jackets’ history, profiles of men who wore them accompanied by contemporary photographic portraits, the garment’s fashion influence through the […]

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A Memory of Fictions (or) Just Tiddy-Boom

Leonce Gaiter

Legba Books, 332 pages, , 9798990289901
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

In Leonce Gaiter’s autofiction novel, black male identity is artfully examined through the personal history of an aspiring black writer who dreams of Hollywood success.

Growing up an Army brat, Jessie Vincent Grandier III is used to feeling like an outsider. As the youngest child and only son in a family of five, Jessie’s close […]

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City of Rain

William Lejeune

William LeJeune, 728 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781739556402
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

City of Rain, book one of author William Lejeune’s proposed Cinqhawk saga, is an epic fantasy novel set in a vast magical realm known as The Empire.

The novel commences in the “great imperial capital” of Relvaux with the poisoning by Lord Vasqo Rhone, the Emperor’s remembrancer, of esteemed scholar and “Master Reader of the […]

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Zany: The Saddest Little Donkey, An Original Australian Story

Carmel Brudenell, illustrated by Salvador Capuyan

Xlibris, 24 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9798369495094
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

A donkey who feels inferior compared to her pony friend finally has her moment in the sun in this children’s picture book.

Zany, a little gray donkey, and Selwyn, a Welsh Mountain pony, share a paddock. Zany admires Selwyn’s beauty, as do the human visitors who sometimes stop along the road for a closer look. […]

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Adventures of Willie the Westie

Phil Ferretti

Christian Faith Publishing, 24 pages, (paperback) $13.95, 9781098062828
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

A dog named Willie meets a turtle, horse, buffalo, and armadillo in the picture book Adventures of Willie the Westie.

Willie the Westie lives in Michigan, where he meets a turtle. “Willie didn’t know what end was the front because the turtle hid his head and tail inside his shell,” writes author Phil Ferretti. Soon, […]

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The Street Between the Pines

J.J. Alo

SNE Horror, 387 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9798218165369
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

J.J. Alo’s The Street Between the Pines combines science fiction and horror as monsters roam the streets of a small coastal suburb.

Folks are disappearing on rural Connecticut’s Hock Island. Even more disturbing, bodies are discovered torn to shreds. Meanwhile, Curtis and Amy Reynolds are trying to save their troubled marriage while raising a special […]

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Kelly Vincent

KV Books, 342 pages, (paperback) $18.99, 9781958342008
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

Ugly is an insightful YA novel, the first in a series, about a young woman’s struggle to find her identity.

The novel follows Nicole (“Nic”), a high school student in small-town Oklahoma frequently mistaken for a boy. Extremely shy, with only one good friend, she yearns for love while struggling with bullying and memories of […]

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The Phoenix Elite: Sacred Blood

C.T. Clark

C.T. Clark Books, 438 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781962600002
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

C.T. Clark’s novel—the first of a projected series—is an adrenaline-fueled fusion of science fiction, apocalyptic thriller, and Christian speculative fiction. Its premise is fantastic: What if scientists could covertly clone, and modify, historical figures to combat evils that endanger humanity?

Although the Phoenix Elite Initiative was terminated by the United Nations decades earlier, those top […]

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