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Blood and Water

Gary C. Hassmann, M.D.

Westbow Press, 285 pages, (hardcover) $27.95, 9781973629597
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

Doctors and theologians have long debated the cause of Jesus’s death, presenting numerous theories, from asphyxiation to a death blow by spear. For surgeon Gary C. Hassmann, these speculations not only “do not fulfill the prophetic scriptures,” they do not “satisfy the demands of modern medical science.”

In Blood and Water, the author presents his […]

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The Lucien Saga

Diane Nighswonger

Crystal Publishing, LLC, 108 pages, (paperback) $9.95, 9781942624547
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

Just as human children gather to listen to grownups tell them stories of princes, dragons, witches, and fairies, so too, in The World of Magic, do tiny fairies listen to the Godmother regale them with stories of ordinary human endeavors. In Diane Nighswonger’s tale for middle-grade readers, The Lucien Saga, fairies gather around to hear […]

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Love, Care, and Patriotism: An Essay Guide to Raising Good Citizens

Linda Mkrtchyan, MA

iUniverse, 188 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532059995
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

In Love, Care, and Patriotism, family and marriage therapist Linda Mkrtchyan offers a teachers’ guide centered on the core values of family, friends, and nation. Providing lists of topics for discussion or writing exercises, she aims to help teachers show students ways to “express themselves that fit within the educational norm.”

Mkrtchyan’s book […]

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Cooperative Lives

Patrick Finegan

Patrick Finegan, 348 pages, (paperback) $17.00, 9781733902502
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

This complex novel follows numerous inhabitants of a Central Park South cooperative whose lives become interwoven through friendships, random acts, mistakes and misdeeds.

At the story’s heart are George Wallace, a nerdy IT manager; his ex, Hanife, a Middle Eastern immigrant with a secret past; Jack Roberts, an attorney married to the much younger Susan, […]

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Le Morte d’Arthur: The New Retelling

Gerald J. Davis

Gerald Davis, 726 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781794607606
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

The latest classic work of literature to be interpreted by Gerald J. Davis (after 2016’s The Canterbury Tales: The New Translation) is nothing short of “the earliest great work of English prose”: Sir Thomas Malory’s story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This unabridged edition contains all 21 books—from Arthur’s conception […]

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Walking on a Moonbeam: And Other Views from the Creek Bank

Bill McDonald

Xlibris, 80 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781543430936
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

Throughout his successful career as a scientist and engineer, Bill McDonald wrote poetry as a way of expressing and connecting to his innermost thoughts about his experiences and the world around him. Walking on a Moonbeam is a compilation of these poems.

McDonald arranges his poems by themes, such as “Love,” “Hope,” “Youth,” […]

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Panda’s Rule: The Unusual Dream

Maria Abid

Xlibris, 56 pages, (paperback) $27.38, 9781543490985
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

In this creative but frenetic tale, a young panda rides in a hot air balloon, celebrates Chinese New Year, and rescues a mermaid princess’s necklace, among other adventures.

Panda’s Rule: The Unusual Dream tells the story of Anne, an anthropomorphic panda. The book opens with Anne anticipating her birthday. When the big day […]

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The Fight Before Christmas

J.D. Thomas, illustrated by Hannah Maryse Robinson

AuthorHouse, 40 pages, (paperback) $21.61, 9781546298632
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

Written by J. D. Thomas, with delightful illustrations by Hannah Maryse Robinson, The Fight Before Christmas is a playful children’s holiday story.

Thomas describes a scenario in which Christmas ornaments come alive in the nights before the holiday.  Beth, a young child who attempts to decorate the tree on her own, appears sad […]

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The Rhythm of My Life: Tuning into the Rocky Rhythm of Fire

Yvon Milien

iUniverse, 224 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532063640
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

Yvon Milien’s book, The Rhythm of My Life, recounts his life and many loves.

The author endured an impoverished, chaotic boyhood in Haiti, eventually immigrating to the U.S., where he attended Brigham Young University, Syracuse University and City University of New York, earning multiple degrees. He now works as a high school teacher […]

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Sahaala Mireh

AuthorHouse, 28 pages, (paperback) $20.17, 9781546299769
(Reviewed: May, 2019)

A girl navigates friendships, school, and moving to a new town in the picture book Hope by Sahaala Mireh.

Hope is a fairly typical girl living in the U.K., but she worries that her modest household doesn’t measure up to those of her rich friends. The book begins a year before she enters […]

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