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The Second Born: The Reverend’s Ways

Arnold Robinson

Xlibris, 451 pages, (paperback) $18.99, 9781524582067
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

Author Arnold Robinson has lived in the White Mountains of Arizona for three decades, but his childhood roots are in the harsh Appalachian region of southern Ohio. This is where he sets this eloquent and highly atmospheric tale about life in a bone-crushing sawmill and the toxic relationship of a cruel, bigoted father and his […]

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Aliens from the Fifth Space-Time

Kamille Zaiter

Xlibris, 279 pages, (paperback) $24.19, 9781514441817
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

Aliens from the Fifth Space-Time presents an alternate universe where a mostly Earth-like planet, Globe, is visited by a variety of aliens from another space-time dimension.

The aliens, called Tymans, need help from Globe scientists to fix an issue with their battery system so that they can return to their dimension. This leads them to […]

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KaBOOM! A 4th of July Story

Liz Bockelman

Graphocity Books, 46 pages, (hardcover) $17.99, 9781946924001
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

KaBOOM! is the first of a planned series of children’s picture books focusing on particular holidays. It chronicles a Fourth of July celebration from the perspective of anthropomorphic fireworks ready to be deployed, offering a message that encourages individualism and courage.

One Fourth of July morning, a gaggle of excited fireworks chatter about their forthcoming […]

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Faith in Action

Lois Lund

Xlibris, 45 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781524539092
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

Lois Lund’s book Faith in Action is extremely difficult to follow but seems aimed at inspiring people with mental illness to develop faith in God as a means for recovery.

Lund suffers from bipolar disorder and spent 30 years trying different methods for coping with her illness. Although she neglects to detail these methods, she […]

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The Spiritual Wisdom of India, Volume I: About My Search for Happiness and the Truth in Life with Indian Gurus and Palm Leaf Astrologers

Lisbeth Ejlertsen

AuthorHouse, 276 pages, (paperback) $19.76, 9781524666552
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

The Spiritual Wisdom of India is the first of two books documenting Danish author Lisbeth Ejlertsen’s more than 20 trips to India over the span of 23 years. Intended for readers interested in Eastern spirituality and culture, the book blends personal experiences with an introduction to Indian philosophy, Hinduism, palm leaf astrology, and the practice […]

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Jeffrey A. Levin

iUniverse, 365 pages, (paperback) $20.99, 9781532011580
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

Jeffrey A. Levin’s science fiction novel Descendant is a Joycean-like attempt at a stream-of-consciousness tale.

Sixteen-year-old Michael Eisenstein is the eponymous descendant of a long line of men whose calling it has been to develop weapons of mass destruction for the American government. By the start of the book, there have been eight more world […]

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A Long Road to USA Citizenship

Horst G. Baier

Xlibris, 136 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781524573447
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

This detailed coming-of-age memoir depicts the author’s bucolic childhood and subsequent events he experienced before and after Germany’s entry into WWII.

The author’s youth in the outskirts of Berlin coincides with Germany’s recovery from massive post-WWI unemployment. Under Hitler, optimism reigns, and Baier shares many happy memories of school chums, his first bicycle, […]

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Man From the Sea

Jerry Snodgrass

Outskirts Press, 211 pages, (paperback) $13.95, 9781478784388
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

This story is rooted in the chance encounter of a young man and woman in Le Havre, France during WWII.

When Gabriella Roux, the single mother of two-year-old Celine, and Percy Ward, a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, meet in a park, the attraction is instant. While Ward is due to ship out, […]

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Milly: My Life as a Labradoodle

Robert Belenky

Maddoggerel Publications, 60 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9780578188577
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

Milly: My Life as a Labradoodle … in Five Short Dog Tales is Robert Belenky’s fictional account of his real-life labradoodle, Milly.

Milly, an anthropomorphic character whose adventures unfold in Hanover, New Hampshire, uses spoken language and participates in human society. While the title indicates that Milly narrates her autobiography, the tales feature […]

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Bedtime Stories for Grown-up Girls: A Novel

E.B. Lande

Leap Year Press, 289 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9781537261119
(Reviewed: May, 2017)

E.B. Lande delivers a knockout comic novel in Bedtime Stories for Grown-up Girls.

Former business partners in a children’s soft goods enterprise, Lillian and Cydney haven’t spoken in 15 years. Lillian, a business executive with a stable home life, was often exasperated with Cydney, a zany artist with a flair for the dramatic […]

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