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God Is Proud of Who You Are

Jenni Guzman Bautista

Dorrance Publishing, 36 pages, (hardcover) $31.00, 9781639371150
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

God is Proud of Who You Are is a beautifully illustrated, Christian-themed children’s picture book. Using the song Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star as a template, the book offers rhyming, child-friendly prayers and assurances.

The story begins with the lines, “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star/ I’m in love with who You are// Brought to me from Up […]

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The Adventures of Rick and Jack

Rick Randall

Olympus Story House, 32 pages, (paperback) $11.95, 9781684561902
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

A boy learns to appreciate the good things in his life, in Rick Randall’s humorous picture book The Adventures of Rick and Jack.

Jack doesn’t like school, showering, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth, or his mom’s hugs. At a chiropractor appointment that day, he tells Dr. Rick he hates school, and Dr. Rick suggests they […]

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From a Heart Surgeon to a Cook

Dr Luis Mispireta

, 216 pages, (hardcover) $26.99, 9781962569453
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

Dr. Luis Mispireta’s From a Heart Surgeon to a Cook explores the world of taste and flavors, while offering scientific information about the composition of foods.

The author’s apparent aim is to inspire people to cook to improve their health, but the book lacks an introduction to give readers a roadmap. Instead, Mispireta dives right […]

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Super Psyched: Unleash the Power of the 4 Types of Connection and Live the Life You Love

Adam Dorsay

Amplify Publishing, 275 pages, (hardcover) $28.00, 9798891381421
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

A psychologist explains how to connect more deeply with oneself, others, the world, and the spirit by overcoming the fears and banishing the distractions that cause isolation. Put succinctly, Super Psyched aims to help readers “discover how to feel truly alive while we’re alive.”

Mining his training, practice, and “SuperPsyched” podcast, author Adam Dorsay examines […]

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The Last Dance of Mary Kelly

E. David Brown

Tumbleweed Press, 339 pages, ,
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

Jack the Ripper’s unsolved 1888 serial murders have inspired so many books it’s hard to imagine finding anything fresh. But E. David Brown’s novel, titled for the last victim officially credited to the mysterious killer, delivers just that: It uses the victims’ deaths as a jumping-off point to explore the tumultuous history and social changes […]

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Healing Healthcare: Evidence-Based Strategies to Mend Our Broken System

Sharon M. Weinstein and Diana Readinger

Amplify Publishing, 233 pages, (hardcover) $27.00, 9781637559666
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, yet they face burnout from understaffing, poor teamwork and institutional demands. While knowledge on how to improve the well-being of healthcare workers is available, evidence-based studies often take years to translate into real-time improvements. In the meantime, how can we improve the health and well-being of nurses?


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Monarch Life

Gerri Endean

AuthorHouse, 28 pages, (paperback) $16.99, 9781665554442
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

A straightforward picture book about monarch metamorphosis, Monarch Life “Metamorphosis” succinctly captures the wonder of the butterfly’s hatching and transformation.

The book begins with a photograph of a butterfly laying eggs and a close-up shot of an egg itself, perched delicately on a leaf. As the narrative continues, it covers the caterpillar’s smallest stage, its […]

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Shelty and the Race

Carmel Brudenell, illustrated by Edgardo Silva

Xlibris, 24 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9798369495407
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

A young girl rides her Shetland pony through a tough competition in the children’s picture book Shelty and the Race.

Tilly Boo rides Shelty at the Pony Club once a month, and Shelty performs as well as any pony, including Little Scott, a horse who is fast but arrogant. Tilly and her mother enter Shelty […]

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Countermelodies: A Memoir in Sonata Form

Ernestine Whitman

She Writes Press, 320 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781647427320
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

Inspired by the three-part structure of a sonata, Ernestine Whitman’s layered memoir recounts her journey to forge a successful career as a professional musician.

The daughter of an Emory University professor, Whitman’s Atlanta childhood was shaped by the pursuit of academic excellence—a value dictated by her strict father and the relentless comparisons to her talented […]

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Just Kate: Finding Friendship

Barbara Alford and Frances C. Milazzo

Archway, 34 pages, (paperback) $12.99, 9781665758581
(Reviewed: July, 2024)

In Barbara Alford’s second book of the Just Kate series, a green sea turtle looks for friendship in the ocean.

Every day when Kate swims, she marvels at the beauty of the sea with its colorful fish, plants, rocks, and coral. One day, she’s troubled by the sight of trash on the ocean’s floor. “What […]

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