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Freedom of Religion by Individual Choice

Sarah Carpenter-Vascik

Westwood Books Publishing, 279 pages, (paperback) $7.99, 9781949006520
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

Recent political skirmishes continue to heighten tensions between religious traditionalists who hold that America is a Christian nation and those who support a religiously pluralistic society. Sarah Carpenter-Vascik posits that the tradition of a “wall of separation” between religion and government was a foundational principle of the U.S. The wisdom in this arrangement, she believes, […]

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U-19: How a Single Submarine Could Have Changed the Course of WWI

Fred D. Haruda, M.D.

AuthorHouse, 101 pages, (paperback) $11.95, 9781468594546
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

In his alternative history novel U-19, author Fred Haruda explores, in the words of his subtitle, “how a single submarine could have changed the course of WWI.”

Haruda opens the story with a vignette featuring broad German stereotypes (page one features two Germans named Hans and Fritz, one of whom complains about wartime shortages meaning […]

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Sugar Mill Road

Jack Curl

Xlibris, 190 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781543468601
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

In Sugar Mill Road, a black ex-prostitute and a fugitive skinhead become lovers, unlikely sleuths pursuing a child serial killer, and themselves targets for murder.

Candy, on the run from her abusive pimp, Frank, hides in an abandoned sugar mill in Longmont, CO. Jack Hayes has already made the mill his hideout because he’s being […]

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Arriving in Time for Dinner

Marianne Holmes

iUniverse, 223 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532048425
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

In Marianne Holmes’ thoughtful first novel, two very different people transform each other through the gifts of small kindnesses.

Arriving in Time for Dinner tells the story of Henry and Chiffon’s slowly evolving friendship. Henry lives a predictable, safe life of strict routine and timeliness, and his introverted nature borders on antisocial. His life is […]

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Love Loving You

L. Ralph and G. Regina

Xlibris, 4 pages, (paperback) $37.37, 9781450034258
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

Sometimes an inspiring quote can provide a much-needed change of perspective. Editors L. Ralph and G. Regina combine notable quotations with stock photos and images in Love Loving You: A Compilation of Inspiring Thoughts from Edgar Allan to Zig Ziglar.

The quotes offered in these pages deal with love, life, work, and personal growth, some […]

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Motivated and Striving Upwards (MS_Up)

Dr. J. Gary Reid

Xlibris, 88 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781456862855
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

Dr. J. Gary Reid explains up front precisely what his book is about and what it’s intended to do. “I have learned many, many ‘simple’ things that make my life easier and more pleasant,” he writes on the back cover of Motivated and Striving Upwards (MS_UP). “I wish to share these things with you.”

In […]

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Déjà vu All Over Again

Larry Brill

Black Tie Books, 353 pages, (paperback) $15.00, 9780996083416
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

If you like romances but are tired of chick lit, Larry Brill’s novel is for you. The former TV anchorman has written a rom com from a man’s perspective, filled with sarcastic humor, bar fights and a hero who cares nothing about his wardrobe—but is as romantically confused as any chick lit heroine.

The novel […]

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Minley Manor

Ian C Mattison

AuthorHouse, 149 pages, (paperback) $49.00, 9781546295259
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

Minley Manor is the product of author Ian C. Mattisons’ fascination with a nearly forgotten estate located in Hampshire in southern England, and the family that built it and filled it with impressive art and other treasures.

Raikes Currie purchased the land for the home in 1846, and construction of the French-Gothic style manor house […]

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America Could Be Beautfiul: 2nd Edition

Dr. George B. Bailey, Jr.

Xlibris, 228 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781483669762
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

In the second edition of America Could Be Beautiful, Dr. George B. Bailey explains why he should be the president of the United States.

Written in 2013 and revised in 2015, Bailey’s “Poor Man’s Campaign” was published for the 2016 election cycle. It is not clear whether the author intends this book to serve as […]

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The Throwaways

LS Hawker

The Vanishing Point Press, 382 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781890391102
(Reviewed: November, 2018)

Bestselling thriller writer LS Hawker (The Drowning Game, 2015, etc.) offers a throwback for Gen X-ers and a standalone prequel for fans of her popular debut.

The scene is pre-grunge Lawrence, Kansas, circa 1986, where we meet George Engle, a college graduate torn between his unexpected acceptance to law school and an offer to travel […]

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