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The Marriage Gift

Stephen Evans

Time Being Media, 156 pages, (paperback) $12.99, 9781953725400
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

Stephen Evans’ novella, written in the style of a play, follows Paula and James as they search for the perfect wedding gift.

The couple receives a wedding invitation from a mysterious “Cousin Angela,” to whom neither of them recalls being related. After some argument, they decide to attend the event anyway. Then comes the debate […]

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We’re Overdosed

Barry I. Gold

Central Park South Publishing, 246 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9781956452204
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

Barry I. Gold examines the causes of the opioid crises and suggests resolutions in his book, We’re Overdosed, taking aim at Big Pharma, but also citing society’s attitude in general— a view that often sees the addicted as pariahs rather than patients requiring care.

Part scientific study, part sociological analysis, this work delves into the […]

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Fake Out

Felicia Farber

Pyramid Press, 322 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9780996470865
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

In Fake Out, two high school seniors find that maintaining a trusting relationship is a challenge when deep-fake photos and a video of one of them circulate on social media.

Blair Evans is in love with David Woods and ready to start a full physical relationship, but their planned first time together is interrupted by […]

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Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness

Jane Kim Yu

Absolute Author Publishing House, 235 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9781649539113
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

A pharmacist and spiritual seeker describes her path to enlightenment in this movingly told self-help book.

As a child, author Jane Kim Yu suffered greatly from a rare sun allergy that caused her skin to bloat, harden, and scale, rendering her immobile every summer. In the worst of her pain, her prayers “to live and […]

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Settlement House Girl: Growing Up in the 1950s at North East Neighborhood House, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Caroline Scheaffer Arnold

Caroline Arnold, 220 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9798864903285
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

From 1948 to 1966, Caroline Scheaffer Arnold’s father served as director of the North East Neighborhood House (NENH), a settlement house offering a social center for students and the surrounding community. Here, Arnold recalls those years, encompassing the students, employees, and her friends, while also exploring NENH’s impact on her adult life.

Arnold’s family lived […]

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Pathway to Glory

Edmund Schiavoni

Edmund Schiavoni Publishing, 321 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781961507944
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

In Edmund Schiavoni’s novel Pathway To Glory, a discontented executive striving for money falls far from grace until a stranger’s guidance offers redemption.

Accountant Paul Stevens is tired of struggling to make ends meet. Approaching 40, he’s disillusioned with the philosophy of getting ahead through hard work. With a recent inheritance —and after overhearing a […]

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The Great Being

Bill Harvey

The Human Effectiveness Institute, 264 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9780918538215
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

The Great Being, the first in Bill Harvey’s Agents of Cosmic Intelligence series, is an alternative history novel focusing on the creation of the universe and humankind’s early evolution.

The tale commences with the introduction of The Nothingness, an all-powerful entity that develops self-awareness. The Nothingness creates a number of benign celestial avatars of itself […]

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Unveiling 11 Relationship Styles: Secrets Nobody Told You

Ahmad Aljazeeri

Ahmad Aljazeeri, 376 pages, (paperback) $24.99, 9781067000219
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

As the creator of a new “dating and friendship app,” author Ahmad Aljazeeri brings both personal passion and extensive research to this book, an inventory of the different ways couples—primarily, romantic companions, but also close platonic friends—build their connections and spend their time together. It also aims to offer “practical advice, tools, and strategies to […]

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Soldier in Germany

James Snyder

Bandera Publishing , 359 pages, (ebook) $4.99, 9798990153219
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

Soldier in Germany follows American serviceman Christopher Adams’ experiences in 1970s Germany during the height of the Cold War.

After barely surviving Vietnam, and with little desire to return home, Air Force sergeant Chris takes a posting in Germany, joining the ranks of U.S. servicemen carrying out military readiness preparations as threat of nuclear war […]

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The Three Layers of a Moment: The Pioneer Ranch Saga, Book Three

Samar Reine

Carmel-by-the-Sea Publisherss, 340 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9798988411024
(Reviewed: April, 2024)

This third book in Samar Reine’s Pioneer Ranch Saga series follows the journey of former showjumper and veterinarian Bryce, who is facing an existential crisis stemming from her turbulent marriage, precarious animal rescue business, and deteriorating ranch.

The installment opens with the death of Bryce’s husband’s grandfather. Bryce’s adopted brother, a seer, intuits Bryce’s grief […]

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