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Self-Publishing Review is a central site devoted to self-publishing: book reviews, publisher reviews, interviews, news, opinion, and how to’s. It is also a social network where writers, readers, and everyone can join and connect. The aim of the site is to promote the viability of self-publishing and help authors find readers.


At,independent authors and publishers can forge a more personal relationship with readers. They can set up their own bookstore, market themselves, sell books at the price they want, mass distribute their books on sites like and track sales across all sites. Authors can also connect with like-minded readers, create their own cover art, and convert their books to epub FOR FREE. The site is NOT a vanity press, and we are constantly developing new tools for writers and readers in this evolving digital world. Check out


book hiveBookHive offers feedback for authors working on manuscripts. Authors receives a 35+ page report of quantitative and qualitative feedback from eight to ten “test readers.” This can be a valuable early editing and/or marketing tool. BookHive currently tests adult fiction, YA/middle grade, and memoir manuscripts. Use the coupon code HIVE for $200 off the usual $499 price. Check out .