Success Stories

Barbara Freethy: Romancing the ebook

Successful romance author Barbara Freethy’s out-of-print titles are finding new life – as self-published ebooks. And what a life! In June, her ebook Summer Secrets hit #1 on the NY Times ebook bestseller list, overshadowing another Freethy title, Don’t Say a Word, which hit #24 on the same list.

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Cathie Beck: “Cheap Cabernet”

After spending four years writing her book and four more trying to sell it — Cathie Beck had one overriding thought about her writing career: “I was like (expletive), I should have gone to law school.” And who could blame her? The publishing business is notorious for bringing writers to their knees.

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Jo Myers: “Good to Go”

Writing her self-published book was the simple part, says author Jo Myers. Then came the hard work of getting it out into the world. “My head became a hat rack for author, self-publisher, distributor, businesswoman, promoter, market, producer and speaker, all rolled into one — the me that I needed to become.”

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Scott Nicholson: Finding a sweet selling spot on Kindle

It might be difficult to peg Scott Nicholson’s preferred genre — he writes everything from mysteries to children’s stories to horror. But one thing you can say with certainty: Nicholson’s writing career, no matter its variability, is thriving. The author, 48, was recently listed on J.A. Konrath’s blog, “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing,” as one of the top Kindle sellers.

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Sally Shields: “The Daughter-In-Law Rules”

Sally Shields’ self-publishing success came from a simple dilemma: “Like most women, I got married and got a mother-in-law. But after a couple of years, I was left scratching my head, thinking, “Where is the manual for this?!” When she didn’t find one, she wrote it herself.

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