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BlueInk Best Book Award Winners

The BlueInk Best Book Award is our highest honor. It celebrates those titles we feel deserve widespread recognition. Here we talk to the authors who have won this award.

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Writing, Editing and Producing Your Book

Long before you self-publish your book you’ll be honing your writing skills, hiring editors and polishing your product. We hope you’ll find help in this collection of original and reprinted articles and interviews.

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Using Reviews

Book reviews provide a critical means for authors to establish immediate credibility with readers. But getting a book reviewed is only half the battle; including it in a savvy marketing plan is the next step. Here, we offer tips on how to use reviews to promote your book.

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News About Bookstores and Libraries

As self-publishing explodes, bookstores and libraries are re-evaluating the way they handle these titles. We bring you news of the way these venues are evolving.

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Promoting and Selling Your Book

Promoting your self-published book to readers or industry insiders, such as agents and publishers, often brings a host of unfamiliar challenges: How do you handle a radio interview? How do you approach an editor for publicity? Find these answers and more in our collection of original and reprinted articles.

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Success Stories

Self-publishing is no easy task, and as with traditional publishing, selling and marketing your book presents numerous challenges. How have successful self-publishers approached the task? Read our interviews with self-publishing superstars.

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