April 6, 2015

El lough (The Lough)

El Lough is a short, adventure novel that includes supernatural elements.

At the center of the story is Bryan James, a medieval history professor at the University of Scranton, who receives a mysterious letter asking him to come to the small town of Neker in Ireland. Residents live in fear of the nearby Brittany Lough […]


December 8, 2014

Las aventuras de lana (The Adventures of Lana)

This lengthy children’s book centers around a five-year-old boy named Javier’s dream life.

One night, when Javier can’t fall asleep, his mother suggests he count sheep, He soon enters an imaginary world populated by a sheep called Lana (which also happens to mean “wool” in Spanish), her family and friends, including: Eiger, a wolf; Vampy, […]


April 28, 2014

Hombre y sexo (Men and Sex)

In a clear and engaging manner, Hombre y sexo explores today’s most common male sexual dysfunctions, such as low levels of desire, painful long-lasting erections or priapism, and erectile and ejaculatory disorders.

As a trained urologist and sex therapist based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dr. Albino Conteras Sánchez provides descriptions of treatments for overcoming these conditions, […]


April 14, 2014

En La Infinita Intensidad (In the Infinite Intensity)

This tragic romance novel, by Colombian-born, UK-based author Luz Dary Griffiths, is presented in both Spanish and English versions. It tells the story of protagonist Teresa Medina, opening in Colombia and later following her to the UK and Congo.

Teresa grows up in a poor household in which her mother, Isobel, is mistreated and cheated […]


March 3, 2014

Muertos que viven (Living Dead)

This collection of 13 fictional stories set in the Dominican Republic, where author Lorenzo Araujo was born, provides a window into the country’s traditions and everyday life. Full of charm, the book is replete with cautionary tales, anecdotes, sayings, and beliefs from the island nation, including the story “Ábrete, mamacita casindorada” (“Open Up Little Golden-Housed […]


January 13, 2014

Múñeqüit (Little Doll)

Múñeqüit, a novella set in Puerto Rico, is about the turbulent relationship between two handsome, intelligent, young men: Esteban, who enjoys casual encounters with other men, and Ofir, who loves him but tends to be pathologically jealous. In the end, the problems they face will eventually drive them apart and end in tragedy for one.



December 23, 2013

El corazón danzado (The Dancing Heart)

Author Azadeh Sheykholya, an Iranian-Mexican former dancer who devotes her time to teaching and studying dance therapy, weaves together dance theory and personal experience in order to introduce her method, Core DanceTherapy.

As a disillusioned medical student, Sheykholya found a book by María Fux, a well-known proponent of dance therapy, and discovered a new direction […]


December 2, 2013

Al día siguiente (The Next Day)

Al día siguiente is an eclectic collection of love poems dedicated to the memory of the poet’s husband. Using a variety of styles that include aphorisms and intentionally cacophonous rhymes, the author questions whether love can remain alive even after death.

The amount of scholarly references interwoven within is remarkable and many of the poems […]


November 11, 2013

Depresión Siglo XXI (XXI Century Depression)

Francisco Palacios’ second self-published work is an expansive treatment of mental health and the apparent epidemic of depressive disorders in the modern world. Combining social commentary, clinical descriptions of diagnoses and personal opinion, Depresión Siglo XXI hovers somewhere between lay treatise, psychology dissertation and self-help guide.

This 503-page book attempts to cover everything from the […]


October 21, 2013

Mi hija del otro mundo (My Daughter of Another World)

Mi hija del otro mundo is a novella told through the eyes of Cecy, a young Mexican woman who works as an accountant. When one day she and her boss receive a mail campaign to sponsor an orphan living in El Salvador, her life takes a strange turn.

They agree to make the monthly payments […]


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