December 6, 2022

Your Great Grace: Unlocking the Power of God’s Grace in Your Life

In this volume, Dr. John Morris offers an incisive, in-depth look at the nature and meaning of God’s grace and helps readers unlock its positive power through practical, biblical practices.

According to Morris, grace is “the free, unconditional, and unmerited help of Almighty God given to mankind.” He warns however, that “grace is not a […]


November 22, 2022

Moonlight Can Be Deadly (A Discount Detective Mystery #4)

Charlotte Stuart hits all the cozy mystery marks with a well-balanced blend of quirky characters, odd twists, and lively writing—adding a dollop of droll political commentary for added flavor.

Cameron Chandler likes her job as a detective for Penny-wise Investigations: Discount Detective Agency; she enjoys her co-workers, including her glamorous boss P.W. and her trivia-spouting […]


November 15, 2022

The Hollow Boys: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 1

A Canadian teenager—and secret superhero—is tested to the max in this fast-paced fantasy adventure for young adults.

Homeless kids are disappearing from the streets of Toronto. Journalist Harry Lyle doesn’t know how teen Will Dreycott finds answers, but he tells Will what he knows about missing street boys and hopes Will can supply some leads […]


November 8, 2022

The Medical Jungle: A Pioneering Surgeon’s Battle to Revolutionize Vascular Care and Challenge the Medical Mafia

Until the early 1970s, patients with lower limbs affected with gangrene traditionally received amputation. When a young surgeon working at New York’s Montefiore Hospital helped develop better techniques for vascular repair, however, up to 90% of affected limbs were eventually saved. This marked the beginning of a pioneering career that established author Frank J. Veith […]


October 24, 2022

A Texas Education: Learning (and Understanding) In a Strangely Familiar Land

Tom Segady’s autobiography, A Texas Education, is a contemplative study of a young man’s journey that begins with a teenage desire to visit the sunny climes of Southern California but eventually leads to 30 years as a professor at a Texas university.

With backpack firmly hoisted on shoulder, and visions of a Kerouac-like experience, the […]


October 11, 2022

The Maenad’s God

Karen Michalson’s first fiction release since her Enemy Glory trilogy is a genre-blending narrative that combines rock n’ roll and mythology with magic realism and crime fiction to create a highly palatable story with a distinctly unique flavor.

Set in 1992, the story revolves around Peter Morrow, a jaded Boston-based FBI agent who is sent […]


October 10, 2022

Presence Driven

Reverend Paul Ellis challenges Christians to live not only purpose-driven but “presence-driven” lives to reach the full potential of their calling.

Drawing from the lives of Bible greats like Adam, Jonah, King David, Esther, and more, Ellis teaches the importance of having the presence of God in our lives. He states, “You can have purpose […]


October 10, 2022

Religions and the European Union

In this astute volume, former Belgian diplomat Philippe Guillaume provides a sweeping overview of the influence of religion on the development of the European Union.

Starting with a summary of pre-Christian times, the author makes a strong argument for how Jesus’ followers helped build on the Roman ideals of freedom, equality, and reverence for a […]


October 10, 2022

The Bane of Yoto

A decade after it was initially published, The Bane of Yoto is being reissued in a new edition that features stunning illustrations from Hex artistic stalwarts Aaron Lovett and Branden Bendert.

Embracing a tone reminiscent of Golden Age adventure pulp—woks by authors like Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc.—this fantasy/science fiction fusion is like […]


September 19, 2022

Visions of Johanna

Peter Sarno’s Visions of Johanna is a beautifully written literary novel about an unlikely pairing.

Matt, the story’s first-person narrator, is a young, freelance music critic during the 1980’s. His life is changed when Johanna, a flamboyant feminist and artist seven years his senior, picks him out at a Bob Dylan concert and they fall […]