April 16, 2024

My American History

C. Howard Diaz asserts his political opinions while chronicling his life from growing up poor in South Central Los Angeles in the 1940s and ’50s through the ups and downs of his personal and professional life.

Diaz was raised by his divorced mother who emigrated from Mexico with her parents as a child. He enjoyed […]


April 2, 2024

The Perennial War of Paramours

In Rock Kitaro’s novel, the war between the sexes explodes into geopolitical turmoil when a journalist, TV executive, heiress and assassin are drawn into an ancient conflict.

Kitaro draws on his Christian faith, conspiracy fiction, and action movies to inspire his globetrotting thriller. Marcus Angel is a columnist who is shocked to discover that his […]


March 12, 2024

South Toward Horn

In Wes Dannreuther’s novel, a young man returns home from traveling to find himself in circumstances that ultimately lead to clues about his father’s death.

Jimmy O’Connor returns to work at the Gulf Coast shipyard, which he left for an adventure at sea, to discover that some of his co-workers aren’t exactly welcoming – particularly […]


March 12, 2024

How to Get a Job and Keep a Job: The Fundamentals of Organizational Politics

In this lively book, Keith Calhoun-Senghor offers timely advice on how to acquire and manage a career. An international attorney with Stanford and Harvard degrees and broad experience in government, Calhoun-Senghor packs his book with prudential wisdom young readers will appreciate.

For Calhoun-Senghor, getting and keeping a job means mastering organizational politics. He avers that […]


March 5, 2024

Dead Dog Road: A True Story Into The Dark World Of An Abused Child

In her urgent, remarkable memoir, author Diane M. Black, a licensed professional counselor and director of a children’s home, recalls her efforts to save three adopted children from sadistic and ineffable abuse.

Alexey and his sisters were adopted from Russia by the Deckerts of Caney Head, Texas—a place where incest was common. Alexey, who frequently […]


March 5, 2024

Secrets of Healing the Brain

Based on two decades of research on nonconventional methods for healing a range of neurological conditions and illnesses—including his own challenges with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—Secrets of Healing the Brain presents an extensive overview of holistic and natural therapeutic options.

Although Shady J. Srour’s background doesn’t involve medical training, he believes this all-encompassing compilation of alternative […]


February 29, 2024

SESG Explorer

In Christopher Loric’s fascinating science fiction novel, SESG Explorer, a team of military personnel, scientists and diplomats embarks on an exciting mission to establish contact with an alien race.

Two years previous, the American institute involved in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, SETI, received a message from the Kammorrigans, an alien race wishing to establish […]


February 9, 2024

The Gatherer

Kit Trzebunia’s shelf-bending novel utilizes elements of secondary world fantasy and romance in a coming-of-age tale about a young woman who must come to grips with her singular abilities and find her place in a complicated realm on the verge of war.

Living with her beloved liege lord father in the remote community of Lost […]


February 6, 2024

Angel Finally Found His Wings

Ronald Hunter’s memoir recounts the story of a boy who is forced into child prostitution but ultimately refuses to let the brutal circumstances of his youth define him.

Ronnie’s father dies when he’s 6 years old, and his mother, who suffers mental illness, is unable to care for him. After a stint in group homes […]


January 2, 2024

Queenie’s Song

Queenie’s Song, set in 1960s’ Tennessee, tells the story of a girl who hears voices and sees people who may not be there.

Aimee’s tenth birthday should have been a momentous occasion because now “it takes two separate strokes to write [her] age.” It is, in fact, special for a more dire reason: after Aimee […]