March 21, 2023

Trust Yourself to Be All In: Safe to Love and Let Go

By sharing her lifetime of trauma and a “spiritual tapestry fabricated from the finest fibers of various belief systems,” including Eastern religion, New Age spirituality, and the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, the author encourages readers to face their pain and develop unconditional self-love in this book.

Amanda McKoy Flanagan’s shame began as a kindergartener with […]


February 28, 2023

The Vampires: Sodom and Gomorrah

Blending elements of Old Testament myth and dark fantasy, Levant DuPrae’s novel revolves around Lot and his tribulations leading up to his exodus from Sodom, when the city was destroyed by God after Lot failed to find five righteous men in the city riddled with depravity.

When God tells Lot in a vision to leave […]


January 31, 2023

The Fear of Winter: Book One in The Fear Of Series

In S.C. Sterling’s immersive thriller, The Fear of Winter, a father resumes the search for his missing daughter after the case of her disappearance goes cold.

One December evening, Tom Floyd’s daughter, Megan, disappeared after leaving her job in Fraser, Colorado. A year later, the police still need leads, and the mystery remains unsolved. Desperate […]


December 6, 2022

Christian Cosmology

Is there a definitive answer to the age-old clash between staunch believers in the Bible’s creation account and those defending scientific facts? Can the book of Genesis be taken literally, and how much does it depend on ancient pagan Origin of Life stories?

Joel Hinrichs invites readers to ponder these types of thoughts and attempts […]


October 10, 2022

The Excursion: A Thriller

In this fast-paced thriller, Charly Highsmith’s past and future collide as she tries to survive an excursion in the Rocky Mountains where people are both predators and prey.

Charly has led a troubled life. Her addict mother is dying, and her father disappeared when she was ten. When her mother reveals her father has died, […]


September 5, 2022

Both Things Are True: A Journey from Fearing Trust to Trusting Fear

In this gripping memoir, a woman faces her biggest fears when she must quarantine alone in a foreign country.

Author Janine Valentine is on the final day of a luxury dive boat cruise on the Indian Ocean when she tests positive for COVID-19. Of the 11 women in her group, the asymptomatic Valentine is the […]


August 15, 2022

Denver Moon: The Thirteen of Mars

The rousing concluding volume of Warren Hammond and Joshua Viola’s Denver Moon trilogy pits tenacious heroine Denver against her biggest challenge ever: to stop technologically advanced insectoid aliens from annihilating humankind from her struggling Mars colony as well as those few left on the wasteland that’s Earth.

As the story opens, Denver is faced with […]


June 7, 2022

And Go to Innisfree: Three Novellas and Two Stories

Don Eron’s well-crafted, character-driven collection of three novellas and two stories draws readers into the daily lives of its protagonists, each unique, yet all struggling to find their place in the world.

In the short opening tale “Giselle’s Tears,” a young man recalls the heartfelt experience of first love and the tragedy of loss. Two […]


May 16, 2022

Love and Other Monsters in the Dark: Short Stories

Twists and surprises abound in this wry collection of flash fiction from novelist K.B. Jensen.

Themes of destruction and deliverance work in tandem in these very short pieces. In the opening story, a vacationer excavates a skeleton from the walls of a villa and knits it into a woman, “[m]issing a tooth, far from perfect, […]


May 16, 2022

The Poachers of Immortality

Book 2 of the Kilimanjaro Club Adventure Series takes American Stuart Mancini to the rugged mountains of China, where a friend of his late grandfather – a renowned explorer and adventurer who belonged to an exclusive, private club for world travelers – has sent out a call for help.

Eighty-year-old Parnell Sumner has been captured […]