March 19, 2024

Pursuit of Innocence

Blending elements of erotica, romance, and thriller, Bethany Rosa’s steamy novel revolves around a young college student about to embark on a personal and professional journey of self-discovery.

About to graduate from SDSU with a degree in marketing and working part-time at a local ad agency, Lily Thompson has no time for romantic entanglements. After […]


January 10, 2024

Magnificent Mess

Elizabeth Standish offers a look at a young woman trying to figure out her future in her new adult novel, Magnificent Mess.

Emma, a recent college graduate, doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Despite having no desire to study or practice law, she enters the University of Denver Law School because […]


January 2, 2024

Three Sixes and a Forked Tongue or Cold Medicine and a Liar

Set in 1970s West Virginia, James Tyler Toothman’s eclectic novel follows a downtrodden teenage girl’s descent into the world of Satanic witchcraft.

Born and raised in the coal-mining community of Clockmaker, 15-year-old Priscilla Carpenter’s day-to-day life follows a predictable rhythm: school, church, adventures with her best friend Joseph, and physical and emotional abuse from her […]


November 14, 2023

Air Conditioned Bus Tours

In this tale, a traveler equivocates about whether to accept an all-expenses paid trip with his family, then must deal with the questions arising from his decision.

As the story opens, Darren Dallavalle is returning from Africa where he took a raft trip from Victoria Falls down the Zambezi River, then traveled to Mozambique and […]


October 24, 2023

Minimum Safe Distance

The pseudonymous X. Ho Yen’s impressively dense debut novel is a grand-scale science fiction thriller, seamlessly blending elements of diverse concepts from alien first contact to planetary collapse to post-humanism.

X. Ho Yen, a self-described autistic, instantly creates a memorable narrative by featuring a main character – Laurence Levesque, “a high-functioning autistic child” from Québec […]


October 17, 2023

Crystal of Tears

Crystal of Tears, the first novel in A. James’ proposed Seersinger Chronicles, is a dystopian civil war story set in North America in the not-too-distant future.

Following the Rift, a societal collapse caused by diminishing resources, North America lands in a civil conflict, the idealistic western Coalition states fighting desperately against the “tyrannical government in […]


October 10, 2023

Ruination: State of Contempt

The first installment of Tyler Dean Milligan’s planned post-apocalyptic State of Contempt saga is set in America’s Midwest after an apparent electromagnetic pulse attack destroys the US power grid, quickly transforming the country into a lawless wasteland.

Set in the near future (2035), the story begins in a military prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, where Army […]


September 5, 2023

Presner the Remarkable

Don Eron’s novel Presner the Remarkable is a literary dramedy exploring a man’s latent journey to forge an authentic identity.

The eponymous Presner is the misfit in his middle-aged group of law school friends. While the others have carved out relationships and legal careers, Presner is an aspiring playwright working at a newsstand while nurturing […]


June 20, 2023

Khizara: Book 1 in the Tokorel Series

The first installment in Drew Bankston’s Tokorel series revolves around two unlikely adventurers whose races have been mortal enemies for centuries.

Linsora Anselm is an archeologist working on the Origin Project, in which different alien races have agreed to share information that might lead to discovering a common genesis. After spending more than a year […]


May 20, 2023

Alaska Deadly

In J.L. Askew’s crime story, Alaska Deadly, private investigator Race Warren uncovers sinister goings-on as he attempts to find a missing man in Alaska.

Claire Billings hires Race to find her estranged husband, Ron, who had left for Alaska, and give him a message. While traveling, Race overhears a man in a bar recounting his […]