February 5, 2024

Candlewood: A Wizard’s Heritage

Carol Louise Standley’s novel is a secondary world adventure fantasy that follows a 16-year-old farm boy who leaves the safety of his home and embarks on a dangerous journey of self-discovery where he realizes that he is destined to unite two realms at war.

Gaylen has been told all his life not to enter the […]


June 21, 2023

Extreme Vetting: A Thriller

In this timely thriller, a long-time undocumented immigrant in America finds he’s just one step from deportation no matter how long he has lived and worked in the country.

Laura Holban, an immigration attorney, is herself an immigrant from Romania. Divorced with an American-born daughter, she knows firsthand the difficulties of re-establishing a career and […]


May 16, 2023

North Queen (Crowns, Book 1)

Author Nicola Tyche introduces an engaging protagonist and expansive narrative universe in her epic fantasy North Queen.

Tyche’s first installment of a promised series opens with Norah Andell awakening in a mysterious setting with no memories of her life to that point. After then being rescued in the wilds of the Shadowlands by Alexander Rhemus, […]


February 7, 2023

Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change

Growing up with an impending sense of doom from the threat to our planet, younger generations feel a deep sense of urgency around the issue of climate change. In Movement Makers, Nick Engelfried recounts the history of youth-led climate activism in the 21st century.

Engelfried divides this history into three parts: first, he examines the […]


December 27, 2022


In Dennis Batchelder’s young adult novel Oversight, a girl fights for her destiny and uncovers ancient secrets that pit her against her ally.

Connected to a group called Soul Identity by her special ancient soul line, 17-year-old Zelly is destined to become one of the organization’s overseers when she turns 19. The clandestine organization dictates […]


November 22, 2022

Moonlight Can Be Deadly (A Discount Detective Mystery #4)

Charlotte Stuart hits all the cozy mystery marks with a well-balanced blend of quirky characters, odd twists, and lively writing—adding a dollop of droll political commentary for added flavor.

Cameron Chandler likes her job as a detective for Penny-wise Investigations: Discount Detective Agency; she enjoys her co-workers, including her glamorous boss P.W. and her trivia-spouting […]


November 8, 2022

Nad of Nadidé

Palestinian-American Wagih Abu-Rish’s Nad of Nadidé is an engaging novel centered around a young couples’ relationship amidst the upheaval of cultural, religious, and political obstacles.

Fareed is the beloved son of renowned London neurosurgeon parents. His mother is of Irish descent and his father is from Palestine. When Fareed’s relationship with an arrogant, abusive woman […]


October 3, 2022

Elvia and the Gift of Passion: Tales by Moons-Light Series

In Ballard’s third book in the Tales by Moons-light series, a ten-year-old girl who feels imprisoned by overprotective parents longs for adventure.

On a wildlife safari trip her mother won, Elvia sneaks away, is chased by a lion, and escapes into an outhouse. There, she’s pulled through a space-time tunnel and lands on a distant […]


July 4, 2022

Great-Grandpa and the Magic Locket

A boy is given a gift that allows him to see the hidden magic inside other people in the children’s picture book Great-Grandpa and the Magic Locket.

Jimmy isn’t thrilled to be going with his mother to visit his great-grandfather. Then, turning down Great-Grandpa’s driveway, their car seems to become a boat and the road […]


May 30, 2022

Pretend Plumber

Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s entertaining young adult novel focuses on a smart, sassy, bi-curious Jewish teenage girl.

As usual, Sarassine’s parents aren’t there to help when a major plumbing problem erupts at their house. She decides to run to her grandfather’s condo, but not before her cranky, ever-suspicious grandmother arrives and accuses Sarassine of causing the […]