April 30, 2024

The Strophes of Job

Ted Morrissey’s novel is a prequel to his award-winning Crowsong for the Stricken. Set in a 1900s’ Midwestern village, two women struggle to give birth while their families fight a violent winter storm to summon the region’s only midwife, herself tainted by a string of stillbirths. Spiraling from this catalyst, Morrissey expertly layers perspectives while […]


April 2, 2024

A.C.E.S. for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College and Beyond

Tracy G. Crump leverages her time spent as a first-generation college student and her professional experiences as a tenured professor, attorney, and entrepreneur to offer A.C.E.S for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College and Beyond.

This guide—A.C.E.S stands for achievement-driven; capacity-informed; enthusiasm-oriented; and skill-building-focused—breaks down what’s needed for success into three […]


April 2, 2024

The Spanish Sacrifice

The sixth novel in Jay Perin’s projected seven-volume retelling of the Mahabarata continues the saga of the Sheppard, Barrons and Kingsley families’ battle for control of the world oil market.

After a brief prologue featuring elder statesman Temple vowing revenge at the funeral of an undisclosed decedent, the novel proper begins in 1998. Lilah (a […]


March 5, 2024

Swimming to the Horizon: Crack, Psychosis, and Street-Corner Social Work

A therapist shares vivid portraits of the clients and challenges he encounters through a Chicago community treatment program.

After leaving manual labor for social work, author Zak Mucha first joins, then takes over running an assertive community treatment (ACT) program in Chicago. The job introduces him to clients suffering from severe and chronic psychotic disorders, […]


February 27, 2024

Spirit Guides on Speed Dial: A Pragmatic Approach to Getting What You Want

In 35 years of helping others resonate with the positive energy of their spirit guides, Jules Apollo has simplified the process so that anyone, anytime, anywhere can start right away to improve any situation. She details that process in Spirit Guides on Speed Dial.

With the help of spirit guides (unseen beings, including angels, gods […]


February 27, 2024

Big Money in Franchising: Scaling Your Enterprise in the Era of Private Equity

Founder and Managing Director of Emergent Growth Advisors and veteran franchise investor Alicia Miller explores the effects of the massive inroads private enterprise has made into the world of franchising in this cogent, exhaustive reference and guide.

Franchising offers an entree to business for entrepreneurs who don’t have the capital or expertise to begin from […]


February 21, 2024

Mr. Mouthful and the the Monkeynappers

When a man who doesn’t know the meaning of brevity finds his pet monkey rescued from thieves by a group of children, he’s left nearly speechless.

Mr. Mouthful, described as “our favorite fancy-pants,” uses long and sometimes unconventional words that lead to gaps in understanding for those around him. He also happens to have a […]


February 13, 2024

The Ambulatorium

In his poetry collection, The Ambulatorium, Zak Mucha examines the arbitrariness of meaning and more.

“Each of us determines the links between events/ and God moves on the water like coincidence,” he tells readers in one piece. We cannot know the thing itself because, as he indicates in another, “Once we really see something/ we […]


January 17, 2024

Fred Neveu: Seeing Beauty: A Lifetime of Landscape Photography

Early in his photography career, Fred Neveu was exposed to the Navajo Blessing Way chant and took to heart its glorification of beauty “all around.” The photography in his book reflects that beauty, and his openhanded sharing of techniques and places to photograph reveal a welcoming and generous spirit.

Susan J. Tweit’s biography of Neveu, […]


January 2, 2024

Tales of Whiskey Tango from Misery Towers

Channeling the spirit of bawdy classics like North Dallas Forty, James Aylott marries soap operatic drama to provocative observances about American society for a mixed bag of titillating escapades and adult satire.

The novel is largely set inside Missouri Towers, a high-rise apartment complex with a storied history and views of iconic locales like the […]