August 29, 2023

Delaware from Railways to Freeways: First State, Second Phase

Following up his earlier Delaware Before the Railroads, Dave Tabler serves up a strong sequel with Delaware From Railways to Freeways, continuing his home state’s story, this time from the late 18th to the early 20th century.

Like its predecessor, the book largely consists of illustrations and photos, filled out with extensive endnotes. Per the […]


August 15, 2023

When Being a Nurse Was Fun: Tales from My Life as a Nurse

When Being a Nurse Was Fun recounts Ann Watt’s 31-year critical care nursing career, with the aim of encouraging others to enter the field.

Before she moved to an off-hospital e-ICU telehealth position, Watt’s career was primarily spent in a cardiovascular thoracic (heart/lungs) unit. She details how the staff of nurses certified in Advanced Cardiac […]


August 8, 2023

ForeverChild: A Novel of the Future

Mark Lavine’s dystopian science fiction novel delivers a common premise: Elite members of society live in closed-off, luxurious enclaves, while the poor live “outside” in abject poverty and squalor.

Here, crime has become so rampant that there aren’t enough prisons to house the criminals, so rich folks live in “Hives” such as the one in […]


July 4, 2023

The Yawning Gap

Fusing high fantasy with teenage hijinks, C.V. Vobh’s Tolkien-inspired debut slips contemporary allusions into a classic quest.

For generations, orks raiding the farming village of Beldria were felled by its legendary swordsmen, but that was centuries ago, before crimson-walled Boundaries cut the land into Fragments, physically isolating their inhabitants.

Cor Volucre, son of Beldria’s whisky […]


June 27, 2023

The Tale of the Cat and the Ballet Mouse

A cat brought in to de-mouse the Metropolitan Opera House is entranced by his prey’s dancing in Anne Krohley’s charming picture book The Tale of the Cat and the Ballet Mouse.

Mimette is a young mouse, raised in the NYC Metropolitan Opera House. Each night, she spies on the performances that happen there, and when […]


June 20, 2023

Forever Finite

Commonly held concepts about the theory of infinity, whether from the philosophical, mathematical, or theological disciplines, are flipped on their head in the provocative book Forever Finite: The Case Against Infinity.

Author Kip K. Sewell, who holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in philosophy, posits that we would be better served by discarding the notion […]


May 30, 2023

Eudora Space Kid: The Greatest Matchmaker in Space!, Book 4

In Book 4 of David Horn’s delightful Eudora Space Kid series, third-grader Eudora orchestrates a double date to help the captain of the ship ask out her school teacher.

In the cafeteria of the space ship AstroLiner Athena, Eudora spots Captain Jax looking despondent and joins him, hoping to cheer him up. The captain reveals […]


May 23, 2023

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon

This fun, fast-paced mystery adds a fantastic twist to adult detective fiction as furry protagonists in an alternative New York City seek justice in life and the afterlife.

In the sweltering summer of 1954 in Greenwich Village, Morton Digby, junior detective and border collie mix, breaks in his new partner, Scottish terrier J.B. Puddleworth, with […]


May 23, 2023

Clare’s Tomato

In Clare’s Tomato, a girl learns about the ins and outs of growing and harvesting her first tomato.

Clare, described by the narrator as approximately five years old, learns about chlorophyll and wonders whether humans could also create their own food. Her parents tell her about gardening for food, and her father gifts her a […]


May 1, 2023

Bright Blue Planet

Bright Blue Planet is the third novel in Kim Catanzarite’s captivating science fiction series featuring protagonist Evander Peterman of the wealthy, mysterious Jovian family.

This installment, told in third person, is the first not narrated by Evander Peterman’s mother, Svetlana. The story picks up more than 10 years after the last. While readers can benefit […]