September 19, 2022

Winning in Your Own Court

Finding the right niche can be hard for attorneys, who often feel “overworked and overwhelmed,” career coach Dena Lefkowitz writes in Winning in Your Own Court. Here, she shares ten laws that helped her find the right legal career path and could help other lawyers as well.

Leftkowitz experienced burnout when she worked as a […]


August 15, 2022

Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex: A Superhero High School Adventure

In Carole P. Roman’s middle-grade book, a 14-year-old boy is desperate to be accepted to a mysterious, highly selective new high school—but is held back by self-doubt and his guardian, who is reluctant to let him attend.

High school is just months away, and Grady is highly insecure about his prospect of getting into Templeton, […]


August 1, 2022

This Dark Star: Thomas Digges, the Scientific Revolution, and the Infinite Universe

With this short but illuminating biographical study, Charles L. Ladner argues convincingly for a lesser-known early scientist’s place among the Scientific Revolution’s leading lights.

Ladner acknowledges that his subject, Elizabethan astronomer and mathematician Thomas Digges, isn’t exactly a household name. Nonetheless, Digges could boast of an impressive list of accomplishments. As Copernicus’s first English translator, […]


July 29, 2022

When Relationships Matter: A Socioemotional Approach to Teaching and Learning

In When Relationships Matter, elementary school teacher Crystal Tanyag Goins shares her strategies for classroom management in hopes of inspiring other public school teachers.

“Making connections with your students first is key” declares Goins, a parent and educator with ten years’ experience teaching young students. She builds these relationships on a classroom management framework she […]


July 19, 2022

Still, the Sky

Still, the Sky is an impeccably researched and elegantly designed collection combining poetry exploring and reimagining the dual Bildungsromane of Icarus and Asterion with intriguing installation artwork that enhances the text.

Author Tom Pearson’s volume is a dramatic, book-length poem with a prologue, seven sections, and an epilogue. Its first lines — “My departure instigated […]


June 27, 2022

Love Your Selfie

Love Your Selfie is a picture book featuring three pre-teen friends who start an initiative to help their classmates gain confidence in the face of social media pressure.

Best friends Lauren, Lisa, and Nicole post selfies on their social media channels while preparing for their first day of middle school. Nicole is shocked when one […]


June 7, 2022

Daria’s Secrets

In this thoughtful novel, a grandmother and child of the Holocaust must face the secrets of her past to live more fully in the present.

When 82-year-old Daria Abramson begins having disturbing dreams and panic attacks, she decides to see a therapist to find relief. Through Dr. Metzger, she begins to peel back the layers […]


May 10, 2022

The Kingfisher

Dr. Donna Clovis’s The Kingfisher shatters the fourth wall and pulls readers in with an invitation to travel through it hand-in-hand with the author. Occupying a strange interstitial space between a long poem and a short novella, the story takes a backseat to the writing itself.

This is both a journey and a quest. The […]


May 9, 2022

Edward Oliver Tilburn: Profile of a Con-Artist

Donald K. Hartman’s Edward Oliver Tilburn: Profile of a Con-Artist follows the life of a man who continually created himself anew.

Beginning with Tilburn’s birth in Philadelphia in 1859, and detailing his subsequent studies, first in Pepperell Academy and then Yale, Hartman tells how Tilburn left his schooling to become an actor and musician. Soon, […]


May 9, 2022

Deco Design: Miami Beach Style

The shapes and styles of Miami Beach’s Art Deco architecture are featured in the informative and delightful children’s book Deco Design: Miami Beach Style.

Paging through this book, featuring photos of prominent Miami Beach buildings like The Carlyle, The Cavalier, and The Crescent, is like taking a walking tour of the area—minus the heat and […]