April 16, 2024

The Three Layers of a Moment: The Pioneer Ranch Saga, Book Three

This third book in Samar Reine’s Pioneer Ranch Saga series follows the journey of former showjumper and veterinarian Bryce, who is facing an existential crisis stemming from her turbulent marriage, precarious animal rescue business, and deteriorating ranch.

The installment opens with the death of Bryce’s husband’s grandfather. Bryce’s adopted brother, a seer, intuits Bryce’s grief […]


April 10, 2024

The Eye of God

Aeternus Costin’s The Eye of God provides a thoughtful attempt at reconciling a conception of God with scientific orthodoxy.

Costin is an autodidact, not a classically trained philosopher; nonetheless, he’s well-read and his arguments are considered, though still vulnerable to critique. Costin posits that gravity is God. His definition of gravity matches the scientific orthodoxy, […]


March 19, 2024

Adventures in the Biostate

Andy Lazris imagines a future where the country controls its citizens through a perpetual state of fabricated medical crises in his dystopian novel, Adventures in the Biostate.

Three years after the Covid-19 pandemic, another deadly virus struck the U.S. Over the ensuing two decades, biostatistician Mic Medicine, who had worked with Dr. Anthony Fauci during […]


March 12, 2024

South Toward Horn

In Wes Dannreuther’s novel, a young man returns home from traveling to find himself in circumstances that ultimately lead to clues about his father’s death.

Jimmy O’Connor returns to work at the Gulf Coast shipyard, which he left for an adventure at sea, to discover that some of his co-workers aren’t exactly welcoming – particularly […]


February 29, 2024

SESG Explorer

In Christopher Loric’s fascinating science fiction novel, SESG Explorer, a team of military personnel, scientists and diplomats embarks on an exciting mission to establish contact with an alien race.

Two years previous, the American institute involved in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, SETI, received a message from the Kammorrigans, an alien race wishing to establish […]


December 18, 2023

The Teenage Guide to Success: The TICK TOCK Formula for Life, Relationships and Careers

In this guide to growing up, Colton Fidelman, a high-school senior at the Army & Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California, presents his “success formula” mnemonic: “TICK TOCK.”

In the acronym “TICK TOCK,” the T stands for “Taming social media” and “Treasure beyond money”; I is for “Inspiring Hard Work”; C is for “Cultivating relationships,” etc. […]


November 27, 2023


Garrison Keillor advocates adopting a positive outlook on life in his new book, Cheerfulness.

Now 80 and relocated from Minnesota to Manhattan, veteran writer and radio host Keillor reflects on his life through autobiographical anecdotes interspersed with limericks. He is nostalgic but intends “to be a cheerful old man and show the young that such […]


November 21, 2023

Help Them Learn with their Strengths: Case Studies of Students with Dyslexia

M. Susan Grogan presents a convincing case for adjusting school curriculum for dyslexic learners in this compilation of research on such students.

A common, much misunderstood learning disability, dyslexia presents as “a problem with getting to the basic sounds of language, processing speed, and sometimes working memory.” However, traditional assessments of academic progress for dyslexics, […]


November 7, 2023

The Still Small Voice

Brenda Stanley’s The Still Small Voice is a riveting mystery centering on a dying man’s final wish.

Shunned by her family for rejecting the tenets of the Mormon Church, Madison left home intending to never come back. However, after years away, she reluctantly returns at the request of her dying father. He has a confession […]


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