June 18, 2024

The Goatman

In Wallace Martin’s young adult novel, set in a small Georgia town in the 1960’s, a 14-year-old boy plays detective, believing the “Goatman” is behind a recent spate of murders.

The Goatman is a matter of controversy. Zeb Barton’s maid, Thelka, tells him she’s seen the man. He has a long beard, she says, raises […]


June 18, 2024


Uglier is an introspective young adult novel, the second in a series, following a young person’s search for identity and community.

Nicole, known as Nic, is a nonbinary high school student who has just moved to a residential school in the Oklahoma City suburbs. Nic’s life now is far different from her previous one. Here, […]


June 15, 2024

The Hennessy Lie

The Hennessy Lie is a suspenseful YA thriller filled with mysteries and twists.

College student Piper, struggling with classes and her controlling mother, encounters a strange man who gives her a package revealing her true family history. Suddenly, with help from her roommate and best friend Mia, along with a newfound ally, Piper must search […]


June 4, 2024


Ugly is an insightful YA novel, the first in a series, about a young woman’s struggle to find her identity.

The novel follows Nicole (“Nic”), a high school student in small-town Oklahoma frequently mistaken for a boy. Extremely shy, with only one good friend, she yearns for love while struggling with bullying and memories of […]


May 14, 2024

The Faeries of Fable Island

This fantasy novel from Alicia Cahalane Lewis is a deeply philosophical and contemplative reimagining of Scottish novelist J. M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan narrative.

In 2024, Megan Elida Fay, 16, lives in a dilapidated house on the Maine coast with her aunt. The remote stretch of coastline is a tourist hotspot, as it has been […]


May 14, 2024


K.R. Gadeken’s immersive genre-bending novel, Nabukko, is set on a bizarre planet with inhabitants who do not remember how they got there.

Eff Sharp finds herself alone on an unknown planet with barely any recollection of her past. After surviving for months, she encounters a group of people similarly stranded on the planet. At first, […]


May 7, 2024


Starfall is a young adult, science fiction tale centered on a mysterious event and its troubling aftermath.

On October 6, 1995, the Anne Falls Gazette reported that witnesses saw “a fireball streaking across the sky” the previous night. The onlookers claimed it crashed into the Kingland Forest outside of Anne Falls, though, later, rumors circulated […]


April 23, 2024

Fake Out

In Fake Out, two high school seniors find that maintaining a trusting relationship is a challenge when deep-fake photos and a video of one of them circulate on social media.

Blair Evans is in love with David Woods and ready to start a full physical relationship, but their planned first time together is interrupted by […]


April 2, 2024

The Village

The Village is a modern-day drama focusing on a geographically isolated agrarian religious community called Orinsland, where a morally questionable priest has assumed the role of town leader.

The story centers on Father Quinn’s relationship with his Christian congregation, some of whom support his dogmatic approach to faith and some who are unconvinced by his […]


March 26, 2024

At the Mercy of the Sea

At the Mercy of the Sea, third in the Country for Castoffs series, follows three young teenagers growing up in the 17th century and facing life challenges in the New World.

The novel opens with a chance meeting between Etienne, a 12-year-old French immigrant; Abraham, a slightly younger boy struggling to win approval from his […]