January 10, 2024

The Lost Expedition: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 3

Douglas Smith concludes his Dream Rider Saga with The Lost Expedition, the third in a young adult fantasy series in which three teens with unusual superpowers must travel to the Peruvian jungle to find their missing parents.

Will Dreycott and his girlfriend Case have questions that need answering: Why did Case’s mother disappear at the […]


December 18, 2023

The Teenage Guide to Success: The TICK TOCK Formula for Life, Relationships and Careers

In this guide to growing up, Colton Fidelman, a high-school senior at the Army & Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California, presents his “success formula” mnemonic: “TICK TOCK.”

In the acronym “TICK TOCK,” the T stands for “Taming social media” and “Treasure beyond money”; I is for “Inspiring Hard Work”; C is for “Cultivating relationships,” etc. […]


November 7, 2023

Scar Kid: Invincibility Redefined

In R.L. Nunes’ fictional story, based on the author’s life, two young adults fall in love in a whirlwind romance.

Nunes writes at the beginning that “This is my story, my life, which I told in a way that is fictitious yet factual.” Cash “Kid” Nunes, named in homage to Johhny Cash, is a burgeoning […]


October 3, 2023

Holding the Fort: The Storm Follows

In Ryan Peek’s time-split YA science fiction novel, a team of teenagers races against a horde of malicious alien machines to destroy their computer virus that could be used to annihilate the world.

The book is part of the Holding the Fort series, which revolves around six children of parents who work at the Blackwoods […]


October 3, 2023

Time for PsyQ: Appearance of Magic

Time for PsyQ, the first book in Marti Ward’s planned Quantum Talents series, focuses on the detective adventures of young Airlie and her friends.

For her 11th birthday, Airlie receives Sooty, a kitten that helps Airlie find her latent psychic abilities. She discovers these talents as she begins investigating a series of thefts at her […]


August 29, 2023

The Last Football Player

John Blossom’s new YA novel follows a futuristic teenager on his quest to design a better football game.

In the mid-2050s, eighth-grader Dude and his father, Dudley Senior, disagree on the merits of playing football. Dudley thinks the sport is outmoded and dangerous, and that kids should be contented with virtual gameplay. Dude, on the […]


August 22, 2023

Visions of Destiny

Edward Lipinski’s novel poses the intriguing question: what if you could see the future?

Visions of Destiny centers on Henry Gainsvort, who appears to be a typical boy growing up in Jersey City. But then, Henry starts seeing visions of things that later happen.

Henry’s first prediction is of a car crash, which happens in […]


August 15, 2023

Born Torn

Suz Eglington’s new YA fantasy, the first in a planned series, follows 16-year-old Kiara Noir as she discovers her mother’s magical legacy— and her own.

Kiara dreams of traveling the world and pursuing her passion for photography. For now, however, she lives quietly with her single mother, Willow.

Then Willow’s estranged sister comes calling, bringing […]


July 18, 2023

Gemja: The Message

Mixing science fiction and fantasy, this first book in K.M. Messina’s young adult series introduces Resa, a quirky teen whose family becomes involved in an inter-planetary quest.

Resa Stone copes better than her twin brother, Dakota, when their father is the first human to make contact with aliens visiting Earth and is then chosen to […]


July 10, 2023

Soul Scepter: Time Marauders

Eric Westergard’s Soul Scepter is an ambitious, YA, historical adventure novel with science fiction elements.

Because of his father’s act of terrorism, Will Donovan has been bullied his whole life. When a paramilitary organization tries to kidnap Will’s uncle, a scientist examining a mysterious alien weapon, Will and his friends, along with the villains, are […]