April 19, 2022

Innovation and Imitation for Nations: The Technological Gap Shock and Nations’ Urge to Imitate and Copycat

Mohammed Ahmad S. Al-Shamsi’s book, Innovation & Imitation for Nations, explores the notion of innovation, including historical case studies for ancient China, Greece, Sumer, medieval Europe, and the American colonies.

Al-Shamsi first writes about the economic motives for innovation, positing that developing countries don’t have the infrastructure to innovate, and hence must “copy” from developed […]


January 7, 2022

Keeping Each Other Alive: A Vietnam War Memoir

In this gritty boots-on-the-ground memoir, Vietnam combat veteran Norman Hile details his 1970-1971 tour of duty in South Vietnam.

With his law school draft deferment classification lost and the war effort escalating, the author enlists in 1968, hopeful that Nixon’s “secret plan” will end the war during his year of training. But by summer 1970, […]


August 24, 2020

Compassion Mandala: The Odyssey of an American Charity in Contemporary Tibet

Pamela Logan’s Compassion Mandala is the story of her Los Angeles-based Kham Aid Foundation, which operated until global unrest, earthquakes and the Great Recession led to its demise in 2010.

Logan is an adventure addict who grew up loving to climb and, in college, also became devoted to Shotokan karate. She married those two passions […]


April 7, 2020

The Sikh Heritage: Beyond Borders

A coffee-table book is intended to entice readers with its visual appeal and keep them interested with its engaging narrative. This book excels at both, with photographs and legends that explore over 80 Sikh shrines in Pakistan.

In addition to many Sikh gurdwaras (temples) in Punjab, India there are several other gurdwaras in the Pakistan […]


October 14, 2019

Essays on Agricultural Economy: Nonexperimental Writings on Agricultural Policy and Development Administration in Nigeria

Nigeria’s economy is among the largest in Africa, with petroleum-related activities making up the lion’s share of its GDP and state revenues. However, most of its population is engaged in primarily subsistence agriculture. G.B. Ayoola addresses the agricultural sector in his compendium Essays on Agricultural Economy: Nonexperimental Writings on Agricultural Policy and Development Administration […]


August 8, 2019

The Grace of Sin: Forty Facts That Prove the Attack on the World Trade Center Was Predicted in the Bible’s Book of Revelation

The subtitle of this controversial book explains its contents: Author Larry Ammons attempts to show that the Book of Revelation predicted the 9/11 World Trade Center (WTC) attack.

Ammons melds biblical prophecy and current events to explore a topic popular among Bible students, conspiracy theorists, and believing and non-believing truth-seekers. His stated intent: “to save […]


April 29, 2019

Development in Unity: Volume 3

In the third volume of his Development in Unity series, Daasebre Oti Boateng explores the major theories of economic development, explains why they are inadequate for developing countries, and presents the “root-based model” as an alternative. The volume also includes several of Boateng’s speeches and papers, including a detailed study of water usage in […]


August 27, 2018

The Face of Hunger: Reflections On a Famine in Ethiopia

In The Face of Hunger, Dr. Byron Conner recounts his experiences helping famine victims in Ethiopia during the 1980s and calls for more effective methods of relief for those suffering in the world today.

In 1984, a late-night infomercial portraying images of starving Ethiopian children caught Conner’s attention, altering the course of his […]


April 23, 2018

Why Did You Come if You Leave Again?: The Narrative of an Ethnographer’s Footprints Among the Anyuak in South Sudan

Ethnography at its core is the anthropological study of a people by immersive participation in their culture. The ethnographer’s observational work records the everyday details of the study’s subjects—but what of the ethnographer him/herself?

Conradin Perner produced a definitive series on the Anuyak people of the South Sudan, and, having published that series, embarked on […]


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