September 28, 2020

A Lost Man: Clay Wade, Book 3

A Lost Man, the third installment in Art Clepper’s Clay Wade trilogy, is an Old West tale set in the lawless lands between Colorado and Texas.

The novel takes Wade across much of the Southwest following his service as a captain for the Union Army in the Civil War. (Readers learn late in the book […]


March 2, 2020


Author James Kahn is known for his best-selling novelization of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. This will come as no surprise to readers of Kahn’s latest work, as there are many parallels between Clayton Wilkes, the Byronic hero of Matamoros, and Han Solo of Star Wars fame. And the cast of scalawags and con […]


September 9, 2019

Defender of the Texas Frontier: A Historical Novel

John Coffey (“Jack”) Hays was the most famous and charismatic of the Texas Rangers during his tenure in the mid-1800s. In this meticulously researched novel, David R. Gross brings Hays’s story to life as narrated by his best friend, John Caperton and various other friends and enemies of the heroic lawman.

At 19 years old, […]


July 15, 2019

The Phantom of Witch’s Tree

An unapologetically raunchy Western with subtle fantasy elements, Mark Lunde’s stellar debut novel, The Phantom of Witch’s Tree, is set in 1912—the last days of the Wild West—and follows one man’s redemptive journey from wastrel to legend.

Matt Hargreaves is a deputy of Widow Tree, a dying northern frontier town that’s clinging to its identity […]


July 15, 2019

Flow Like A River

In Flow Like a River, Mark Guillerman provides a rare peek at a neglected area of regional U. S. history, while spinning a fast-moving Western yarn.

When most readers think of the “Roaring Twenties,” they picture jazz, flappers and big city glitz, but in rural areas like Gary, Texas, small town life continued much as […]


April 20, 2018

Always Jess

A charming and engaging western romance, Always Jess is the story of Jess Maxwell and his family and friends in Limason, Texas.

Having completed his schooling, Jess is returning home to the family ranch after taking some time to see the country. Working jobs as a wrangler, farmhand, and even a store clerk, he supported […]


January 23, 2018

Mule Shoes to Santa Fe

Jim L. Hickman’s Mule Shoes to Santa Fe is a classical story about three young cousins as they journey from their Tennessee home to be part of settling the West.

As the novel opens, Ross Greenup encounters his cousin Tim and his step-sister Rachel on the trail. Just then, he spots two armed […]


January 1, 2018

Rio Sonora: A Story of the Arizona Rangers

J. Reeder Archuleta’s utterly captivating turn-of-the-century Western recalls the old TV series 26 Men. Based on true incidents, episodes centered on the Arizona Rangers’ attempts to maintain order. It rivaled Gunsmoke and Bonanza in an era when Westerns dominated the networks, and true fans were loath to miss even one of the 78 installments […]


December 18, 2017

The El Paso Red Flame Gas Station and Other Stories

J. Reeder Archuleta’s The El Paso Red Flame Gas Station is a novella about love, loss, and reconciliation in 1960s west Texas told through a collection of interconnected short stories.

A latter-day western, the story weaves a rich tapestry from vignettes in the life of Josh, a fatherless boy subsequently abandoned by his […]


August 14, 2017

Katrine: High Valley Home

In this engaging coming-of-age novel for young adults set in the 1860s, a Swedish family faces challenges from man and nature to build a settlement in pre-Idaho Territory.

Nine-year-old Katrine Larson is traveling with a wagon train of Swedish families hoping to build a farming community out west. When Katrine’s family falls behind […]


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