October 17, 2023

Exploring Wine Regions: California Central Coast

In this sumptuous book with more than 800 photographs, Michael C. Higgins takes wine enthusiasts on an in-depth tour of the wineries of Central California.

Unlike the many books devoted to Napa and Sonoma, this book—third in the Exploring Wine Regions series—looks at the lesser-known wine regions of Monterey County, San Luis Obispo (including Paso […]


October 17, 2023

Launching Into the Unknown: The Beautiful and Bewildering World of the Sudanese

Launching Into the Unknown is Leoma Gilley’s memoir of her years training and working for Wycliffe, the well-known Bible translators, first in the U.S., then in various places in Africa.

During her African training beginning in 1982, Gilley studied Arabic, learned kerosene appliance maintenance, lived in villages without running water or electricity, and spent a […]


March 21, 2023

Red Odyssey: A Voyage Across the Crumbling Empire

First published in 1992, Marat Akchurin’s East European and Central Asian travelogue is an evocative trip back in time, to the waning days of the USSR.

The year 1990 found Akchurin, poet, publisher and translator, living in Moscow and observing his changing country with wary hope for democracy. Interested in seeing for himself the reaction […]


May 30, 2022

The Hole Made By A Waterfall

In this detailed chronicle, author Leslie Lee travels through southwest Ireland between the Dingle Peninsula and County Cork seeking her maternal ancestry.

In 2010, as she attempts to discover the authentic Ireland, (this is her fifth book about her Irish sojourns), Lee keeps a daily diary of the dizzying road trips along the windswept Irish […]


April 18, 2022

Six Degrees of Latitude: Travel Tales of Scotland and Ireland

Leslie Lee’s Six Degrees of Latitude details trips she took to Scotland and Ireland between 2003 and 2018.

In her Introduction, Lee notes that she carried her writing journal and paint kit with her wherever she went. The book includes journal entries and her skillful watercolors and drawings of people, places and maps.

Lee notes […]


November 29, 2021

Under Vesuvius: A Reflective Travelogue in Verse and Prose

Richard Haffey’s Under Vesuvius is a capacious, absorbing collection of poetry and prose, artfully rendering his travels to Italy in 2016. It also contains a novella set in mid-16th century Italy.

The book’s travelogue portion is a well-paced, utterly compelling account of the author’s decision to travel to Italy after losing a cherished teaching position. […]


March 8, 2021

Splendour of Buddhism in Burma

Pascal Christel’s visit to Burma in 2015 inspired this large, coffee-table-style book, featuring an in-depth look at the country’s Buddhist traditions, architecture and artwork.

When Christel and his wife traveled in Burma (now called Myanmar), they were awed by the kindness of its people and the variety of artistry seen through clothing styles, home and […]


December 21, 2020

The Story of Red Bay, East End

In The Story of Red Bay, East End, author Charles Wheatley explores the history of a beautiful parcel of the world often overlooked by modern travel writers.

Red Bay, East End is located in the Virgin Islands. The name originates from the prominent red rocks that once surrounded it, which served as a directional beacon […]


November 9, 2020

Travels With Hafa: In Search With Ourselves

In this pleasant work of nonfiction, author Nathan Pettijohn decides to get away from his routine life by exploring parts of America in an RV.

In the pre-pandemic days of October 2019, Pettijohn, then 31, had been married and divorced and is coming off another bad break-up and an annoying neighbor, when he decides to […]


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