June 4, 2024

A Shadow of Black Water

In John Wilson’s new thriller, the first in a projected series, a young gangster reconsiders his life.

At 17, Abel Kane helped his uncle Deacon, a career criminal, get away with murder. Ten years later, under Deke’s mentorship, Abel heads his own gang of robbers. The crew’s latest job – robbing a sleazy check-cashing establishment […]


May 28, 2024

Doctor Lucifer

Doctor Lucifer is the first in a promised series of medical thrillers following the crime-busting exploits of Dr. Mark Lin, an internist at Ivory Memorial Hospital in Southern California.

Lin tends to his patients with skill, knowledge and a warm, caring demeanor, but he’s a cynic. In fact, when he’s initially introduced, he admits that […]


May 14, 2024

Murder in the Grand Bazaar: An Intellectual Thriller

Miles Nilsson Fowler’s Murder in the Grand Bazaar is an historical thriller involving Felix Markarian, an American professor and biblical scholar who travels to Turkey to authenticate a controversial Christian codex.

It’s 1997, and Ahmet Tatlik, a Turkish antiquities dealer, has just purchased an ancient Coptic Christian text and smuggled it out of Egypt. He […]


April 2, 2024

The Perennial War of Paramours

In Rock Kitaro’s novel, the war between the sexes explodes into geopolitical turmoil when a journalist, TV executive, heiress and assassin are drawn into an ancient conflict.

Kitaro draws on his Christian faith, conspiracy fiction, and action movies to inspire his globetrotting thriller. Marcus Angel is a columnist who is shocked to discover that his […]


March 5, 2024

The Third Man: A Medical Thriller, Brad Parker and Karen Richmond, Book 7

In The Third Man, Geoffrey M. Cooper takes readers back to history’s darkest corners to confront an enemy considered long vanquished.

Having faced organized crime, human trafficking and multiple murders in their first half-dozen outings, Karen Richmond and Brad Parker have become quite the dynamic duo. Richmond is a former FBI agent and now with […]


February 7, 2024

Journey to the Pacific: One Man’s Quest

A 19th century Northwest landscape provides the backdrop for Judith A. Perkins’ character-driven novel in which a young man from Illinois aims to move West, hoping to one day see the ocean.

When Clara Seevers learns her husband has died of dysentery while with his regiment and her two sons have been killed in the […]


December 18, 2023

Trust No One: A Conor Thorn Novel

In Trust No One, Glenn Dyer continues his character-rich, atmospheric series about WWII spies Conor Thorn and Emily Bright-Thorn. This installment recounts a race against time enveloping the newly married agents during the French resistance in Vichy-era France, a secret documents’ cache that could derail the Allied war effort, and a series of dramatic confrontations.



December 11, 2023

Family Ties Family Lies

In Jacqueline Boulden’s novel, an ambitious photojournalist returns to her quaint upstate New York hometown after experiencing a debilitating injury.

As a high school student living in the Adirondacks-adjacent town of Lake Amelia, Rose Webster found freedom and purpose in the art of words. Her undergraduate years at Ithaca College deepened her interest in journalism […]


December 6, 2023

Catching Cold Vol 3: Judgment

In this third and final book in the Catching Cold series, two former drug company employees aim to change the culture of big Pharma, where safety regulations take a back seat to profits.

This book picks up in the aftermath of a bomb blast that occurred in the previous book, as Meredith Doucette, the CEO […]


October 24, 2023

Catching Cold Vol 2: Redemption

In this suspense novel, the second in a three-part series, CiliCold, a small ethical research company, is pitted against Triple S Pharmaceuticals (SSS), a ruthless Big Pharma company.

CEO Meredith Doucette and her head of legal affairs Jasper Giles are fighting for control of SSS. Each wants to acquire the upstart CiliCold into the company […]