April 23, 2024

Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness

A pharmacist and spiritual seeker describes her path to enlightenment in this movingly told self-help book.

As a child, author Jane Kim Yu suffered greatly from a rare sun allergy that caused her skin to bloat, harden, and scale, rendering her immobile every summer. In the worst of her pain, her prayers “to live and […]


April 16, 2024

Creating Radiant Health: Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within

Creating Radiant Health looks beyond traditional medicine to explore key holistic principles used to help promote natural healing and maintain health.

When diagnosed with a terminal leiomyosarcoma cancer in 2000, with the prognosis of a few months to live, author Jeanie Traub had already suffered from a range of neurological disorders, transient ischemic attacks and […]


April 9, 2024

The Contentment Dividend: Meditations for Realizing Your True Self

In The Contentment Dividend, Michael Goddart offers 49 insightful short essays on the benefits of finding a unique, ongoing way of quieting the mind’s chatter and accessing the higher self.

In a short Author’s Note at the beginning, Goddart extends a friendly invitation to “engage with the thrilling meaning of life…and your call to inner […]


April 2, 2024

Brilliant Emotions: Great Agony, Great Promise – True Stories from a Buddhist Psychotherapist

In Brilliant Emotions, therapist Paul Cashman shares how he treats his patients’ emotional suffering with a combination of Western psychotherapy and ancient Buddhist wisdom.

Over Cashman’s years as a psychotherapist, addiction counselor, and lecturer, he translated a Tibetan Buddhist practice called the Four Karmas into a Four-Step Practice to help others learn how to find […]


March 26, 2024

Consolidated Wisdom

With Consolidated Wisdom, Gene S. Jones offers a compendium of quotations concerning various aspects of wisdom. More than just a collection of insights for “speeches, presentations, term papers,” and ‘trivia contests,” Consolidated Wisdom is a kind of guide for tackling life’s challenges. The author hopes his book will help “produce productive behaviors leading to enhanced […]


February 27, 2024

Spirit Guides on Speed Dial: A Pragmatic Approach to Getting What You Want

In 35 years of helping others resonate with the positive energy of their spirit guides, Jules Apollo has simplified the process so that anyone, anytime, anywhere can start right away to improve any situation. She details that process in Spirit Guides on Speed Dial.

With the help of spirit guides (unseen beings, including angels, gods […]


February 13, 2024

When the Willow Tree Whispered: The 1000 Corners of My Heartspace

In When the Willow Tree Whispered, the author shares poetry and spiritual insight spoken to her by “The Voice” as she “sat with my Higher Self under the Wisdom Willow,” meditating on how to heal from grief and despair.

Named Leila at birth, the author uses the pseudonym Jyotsna Ahuja, translated as “The White Space.” […]


November 7, 2023

U Dream, Inc.

Theoretical physicist and ex-atheist Vlado Rahal explores the truth of human existence in U Dream, Inc.

In this compilation of short stories, anecdotes and vignettes, Vlado Rahal attempts to awaken the “dreamers”—you and me—who are clinging to reality as truth. He warns: “You are a victim of illusion and unhappiness if you live your life […]


October 31, 2023

Snap! From Chaos to Calm

In this useful volume, a certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher offers her SNAP! system: two actions and three mental processes done in sequence that can quell anxiety, confront grief, and avert a parenting crisis, among other common, recurring stresses.

SNAP! stands for “soothing touch,” “name the emotion,” “act,” and “praise.” The author posits that if you’re […]


October 24, 2023

Float Your Boat: You Have Power and Control

In this slim book, Umar Siddiqui discusses therapy—both as a philosophical concept and as a presence in his own life as he navigates life after he “proudly conquered” his “schizoaffective bipolar disorder.”

Siddiqui is open about benefiting from therapy, with much of the book focusing on acts that can be therapeutic, which include living mindfully; […]