February 7, 2023

Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change

Growing up with an impending sense of doom from the threat to our planet, younger generations feel a deep sense of urgency around the issue of climate change. In Movement Makers, Nick Engelfried recounts the history of youth-led climate activism in the 21st century.

Engelfried divides this history into three parts: first, he examines the […]


December 13, 2022

Good Intentions–Bad Consequences: Voters’ Information Problems

This is a serious book by an American emeritus economics professor who argues that voters could use better information to elect better leaders, to the greater good.

Author Phillip Nelson acknowledges voters need better information, but he focuses on just one group: “naïve altruistic liberals.” Citing economics literature, he argues that most liberals want to […]


November 15, 2022

Where in the World is God? Humanity as Mirror

Hope Raymond’s Where in the World is God explores the evolution of human consciousness from our earliest myths to our current technological era, offering speculation on the role of spirituality.

The book offers three sections. Part One explores the rise of Judeo-Christian tradition in which humans defined themselves in relation to God before science eroded […]


May 23, 2022

Hey, White Man, How Much Longer? Hey, Black Man, Awake!

Civil engineer Francis Hinga Lahai outlines the causes of and ways to combat cultural and economic racism in this overview.

Lahai, who was born in Sierra Leone and studied in the UK and China, draws on his world traveling experience to predict an end to white supremacism, in part due to changing global demographics. The […]


April 4, 2022

Love and Honour? Marriage for Peace

Centuries before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, Indian and Pakistani legends were filled with cautionary tales of star-crossed lovers whose forbidden romances led to their deaths. Sadly, such stories aren’t only ancient relics. In Love and Honour?: Marriage for Peace, Australian author David D.E. Evans demonstrates, with chilling precision, how the ostracism and murder of […]


February 21, 2022

The Demogra-Fate Hypothesis

In The Demogra-Fate Hypothesis, author Nguyen Ba Thanh posits that a declining world birth rate, coupled with an increased median age in the world’s population, may lead to humanity’s extinction.

Birthrates for “more than 100 countries,” Thanh states, “have fallen below 2.1 per female lifetime, which is the minimum due to maintain a constant size […]


November 29, 2021

Rise From the Blue

Rise From the Blue is a brief work of fiction about an African immigrant’s struggle to find his political place in the U.S. amid current social upheavals. It consists of conversations between protagonist John Nobola and his friends and family, as well as lectures Nobola delivers at political rallies.

An ardent Trump supporter, Nobola views […]


November 8, 2021

A Homeless Panic: The Homeless Experience in America

Many know the homeless in this country only as a statistic. In his memoir, author James Howard Lough adds a human face to the cold figures by recounting his time on the streets in Boston.

Lough’s decline into homelessness is relatively painless initially. He has a car which, until it breaks down, provides emergency (though […]


November 8, 2021

Why They Stay: Sex Scandals, Deals, and Hidden Agendas of Eight Political Wives

Anne Michaud’s Why They Stay is a solid, dishy book about seven American political wives and one Brit who stood by their husbands despite their scandalous behavior.

The narrative examines Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, Wendy Vitter, Silda Wall Spitzer, Huma Abedin and Marion Stein, wife of Jeremy Thorpe (disgraced in a […]


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