October 10, 2022

Now and Then

Acclaimed essayist, artist, and fiction writer Salah el Moncef, a Kuwaiti-born professor teaching in France, reflects on the colonized imagination and the possibilities of transnational culture in this highly intelligent and intellectual collection.

The collection begins, unusually, with an introduction by American professor Stephan Watt that discusses the anthology’s two fiction works in relation to […]


August 1, 2022

Send Her Back and Other Stories

Munashe Kaseke’s stirring debut story collection probes, to sometimes painful effect, the experience of being an African woman and immigrant in the U.S.

Like the author, Kaseke’s narrators are born in Zimbabwe, and the stories all address to some degree that country and its problems, as when Makanaka (“Return to the Land of Giant Suns”) […]


June 27, 2022

The Newlywed’s Window: The 2022 Mukana Press Anthology of African Writing

This exciting short story collection showcasing strong and emerging African writers displays a refreshing richness and depth of experience.

The stories cover an expansive range of subjects. Many feature young people learning about the world in both tender and tragic ways. In “Our Girl Bimpe,” Bimpe’s fake profile on Facebook causes her trouble, and in […]


May 16, 2022

Love and Other Monsters in the Dark: Short Stories

Twists and surprises abound in this wry collection of flash fiction from novelist K.B. Jensen.

Themes of destruction and deliverance work in tandem in these very short pieces. In the opening story, a vacationer excavates a skeleton from the walls of a villa and knits it into a woman, “[m]issing a tooth, far from perfect, […]


March 7, 2022

The Best Good Horse and Other Short Stories

Using primarily a backdrop of Texas and the surrounding Southwest territory, J. Reeder Archuleta offers a collection of 14 short stories that focus on a bevy of tough and engaging individuals dealing with life from various points of the moral spectrum.

In the tradition of the Old West, Archuleta weaves classic nuances throughout several of […]


January 31, 2022

Not Book Club Material

Author Aaron Zevy is back with another boisterous collection of short stories guaranteed to delight and entertain.

Zevy and his zany collection of friends and relatives from previous books return to act as the author’s foils in his predicaments and self-deprecating stories. The author deftly conjures tall tales, perhaps based on reality — or not. […]


November 1, 2021

Stay with Me, Wisconsin

JoAnneh Nagler’s engrossing story collection, Stay with Me, Wisconsin, offers a finely honed and ultimately uplifting perspective on grief, love, intimacy, and healing.

Some of the ambitious stories delivered here compress an entire life, like the opening “Ponty Bayswater,” which features a war veteran and insurance salesman who finds two great loves; “Asa at the […]


September 27, 2021

Three Dimensions: Lizzies Scaries

This slender collection of short-short stories centers on mysterious, magical and sometimes eerie circumstances.

In the opening story, “Aladdin’s Cave,” a young woman turns 18 and can now trade her “dreary” school uniform for the colorful, fine clothing of an adult. She dreams often of clothing, and when the magazine astrologer, Gypsy Meg, promises a […]


September 20, 2021

Three Dimensions: Lizzies Fizzies

Three Dimensions: Lizzies Fizzies is the first in a series of short story collections written by Elizabeth Reinach as part of a contribution to the writing community in her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The compact volume includes 23 tales, each approximately two to four pages. Most focus on quirky characters and/or comic adult-oriented entertainment, from […]


September 6, 2021

Excursions of the Mind 2: Stories Take Flight

J Kenzy’s back book cover for Excursions of the Mind 2 describes the contents of this collection as “poetic short stories.”

Excursions of the Mind 2 is an oversized format, with photos and artwork adorning the colorful pages. It offers rhyming poems that touch on a wide variety of topics: from Cleopatra to the American […]


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