July 9, 2024

The Space Traveller’s Lover

A blend of science fiction and romance with a touch of apocalyptic fiction, Omara William’s novel revolves around the relationship between a teenaged female Earthling and a male alien invader whose race’s secret mission is to destroy humankind.

Erin—just turned 16—lives on an island in a Pacific Ocean archipelago. She works on a tuna farm […]


June 25, 2024

The Monarchs

Set in a near future, this deeply spiritual and philosophical science fiction novel follows a group of “new youth” with psychic abilities after a nuclear war has irreparably changed the world.

The story begins inside the Facility, a military base where scientists have been experimenting on children with extraordinary psychic capabilities, identified by their large […]


May 14, 2024

The Faeries of Fable Island

This fantasy novel from Alicia Cahalane Lewis is a deeply philosophical and contemplative reimagining of Scottish novelist J. M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan narrative.

In 2024, Megan Elida Fay, 16, lives in a dilapidated house on the Maine coast with her aunt. The remote stretch of coastline is a tourist hotspot, as it has been […]


May 14, 2024


K.R. Gadeken’s immersive genre-bending novel, Nabukko, is set on a bizarre planet with inhabitants who do not remember how they got there.

Eff Sharp finds herself alone on an unknown planet with barely any recollection of her past. After surviving for months, she encounters a group of people similarly stranded on the planet. At first, […]


May 7, 2024


Starfall is a young adult, science fiction tale centered on a mysterious event and its troubling aftermath.

On October 6, 1995, the Anne Falls Gazette reported that witnesses saw “a fireball streaking across the sky” the previous night. The onlookers claimed it crashed into the Kingland Forest outside of Anne Falls, though, later, rumors circulated […]


April 2, 2024

The Village

The Village is a modern-day drama focusing on a geographically isolated agrarian religious community called Orinsland, where a morally questionable priest has assumed the role of town leader.

The story centers on Father Quinn’s relationship with his Christian congregation, some of whom support his dogmatic approach to faith and some who are unconvinced by his […]


January 10, 2024

The Lost Expedition: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 3

Douglas Smith concludes his Dream Rider Saga with The Lost Expedition, the third in a young adult fantasy series in which three teens with unusual superpowers must travel to the Peruvian jungle to find their missing parents.

Will Dreycott and his girlfriend Case have questions that need answering: Why did Case’s mother disappear at the […]


October 3, 2023

Holding the Fort: The Storm Follows

In Ryan Peek’s time-split YA science fiction novel, a team of teenagers races against a horde of malicious alien machines to destroy their computer virus that could be used to annihilate the world.

The book is part of the Holding the Fort series, which revolves around six children of parents who work at the Blackwoods […]


October 3, 2023

Time for PsyQ: Appearance of Magic

Time for PsyQ, the first book in Marti Ward’s planned Quantum Talents series, focuses on the detective adventures of young Airlie and her friends.

For her 11th birthday, Airlie receives Sooty, a kitten that helps Airlie find her latent psychic abilities. She discovers these talents as she begins investigating a series of thefts at her […]


August 15, 2023

Born Torn

Suz Eglington’s new YA fantasy, the first in a planned series, follows 16-year-old Kiara Noir as she discovers her mother’s magical legacy— and her own.

Kiara dreams of traveling the world and pursuing her passion for photography. For now, however, she lives quietly with her single mother, Willow.

Then Willow’s estranged sister comes calling, bringing […]


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