June 18, 2024

Slaying Paradise: Legend of The Iron Warrior, Vol. 1

Travis Holiday, a San Diego-area police officer who has been married for 17 years, is involved in a horrific automobile accident that could have killed him. His mundane existence is turned upside down when he is saved by a mysterious man who informs Holiday that he has been chosen to defend others in God’s name.



June 11, 2024

City of Rain

City of Rain, book one of author William Lejeune’s proposed Cinqhawk saga, is an epic fantasy novel set in a vast magical realm known as The Empire.

The novel commences in the “great imperial capital” of Relvaux with the poisoning by Lord Vasqo Rhone, the Emperor’s remembrancer, of esteemed scholar and “Master Reader of the […]


June 4, 2024

The Phoenix Elite: Sacred Blood

C.T. Clark’s novel—the first of a projected series—is an adrenaline-fueled fusion of science fiction, apocalyptic thriller, and Christian speculative fiction. Its premise is fantastic: What if scientists could covertly clone, and modify, historical figures to combat evils that endanger humanity?

Although the Phoenix Elite Initiative was terminated by the United Nations decades earlier, those top […]


May 28, 2024

Phoenix Saga: A Modern Epic in Pro Sé, Book Two

Phoenix Saga by amalL era JesuJes hO, is an intricate, complex and heavily coded fusion of modes and purposes. Although the text begins with a verbatim mental health evaluation report, seemingly the author’s own, the narrative quickly segues into 100-plus pages of a pastiche of styles modeled on the wisdom literature of ancient writings from […]


May 28, 2024


Selfies, book one in Scott A. Young’s proposed Manifold series, is a dystopian thriller focusing on the adventures of downtrodden “subhuman” Wallas Trapmore, wrongfully accused of murder by authorities, who becomes a fugitive to clear his name.

The novel starts with Trapp working as an “indent” (indentured servant), part of a workforce orbiting Earth facsimile, […]


May 28, 2024

The Secrets of Shadowcrest

Lance Ian McColgan blends historical fact and fantastical fiction in The Secrets of Shadowcrest, a debut full of action, adventure and a unique ability to make medieval history come alive.

Shadowcrest offers faithful fantasy fans all the necessary and expected ingredients: magic, monsters, a hero’s journey, and exotic, faraway locales. Simultaneously, the novel is solidly […]


May 21, 2024

Magical Missions: The New Chosen Ones

This shelf-bending fantasy—inspired by the author’s love of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings—revolves around an epic battle between good and evil in a magical realm known as Multiria.

The story largely centers on Tina of Sirigia, daughter of a renowned warrior lord who embarks on a quest to defeat Rogius, a powerful sorcerer and […]


May 14, 2024

The Kings’ Assassin

Ed Cannon fuses equal parts magic, murder mystery and thriller in this sprawling tale combining old-fashioned whodunit tension with the complex worldbuilding of the best epic fantasy.

Prince Sillik returns to Illicia—the city that has ruled “the known world” for centuries— after being gone seven years, only to find his father, King Saldor, murdered and […]


April 23, 2024

The Great Being

The Great Being, the first in Bill Harvey’s Agents of Cosmic Intelligence series, is an alternative history novel focusing on the creation of the universe and humankind’s early evolution.

The tale commences with the introduction of The Nothingness, an all-powerful entity that develops self-awareness. The Nothingness creates a number of benign celestial avatars of itself […]