February 29, 2024

SESG Explorer

In Christopher Loric’s fascinating science fiction novel, SESG Explorer, a team of military personnel, scientists and diplomats embarks on an exciting mission to establish contact with an alien race.

Two years previous, the American institute involved in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, SETI, received a message from the Kammorrigans, an alien race wishing to establish […]


February 13, 2024

Severance of the Sorcerer: The Lost Wells Trilogy, Book Three

A vast saga of magic, mythology and reincarnation comes to a head in Severance of the Sorcerer, the last entry in Kate Gateley’s ambitious Lost Wells trilogy.

This volume opens with the two series’ protagonists Julia and Domhnall, dealing with the fallout of battle and betrayal. Julia, a linguistics student turned powerful witch, and Dom, […]


February 9, 2024

The Gatherer

Kit Trzebunia’s shelf-bending novel utilizes elements of secondary world fantasy and romance in a coming-of-age tale about a young woman who must come to grips with her singular abilities and find her place in a complicated realm on the verge of war.

Living with her beloved liege lord father in the remote community of Lost […]


February 5, 2024

Candlewood: A Wizard’s Heritage

Carol Louise Standley’s novel is a secondary world adventure fantasy that follows a 16-year-old farm boy who leaves the safety of his home and embarks on a dangerous journey of self-discovery where he realizes that he is destined to unite two realms at war.

Gaylen has been told all his life not to enter the […]


January 23, 2024

Epic: The Game

In the opening pages of Epic: The Game, author Jack Kaminskie spells out an ambitious metaphysical vision, one that posits human reality as a high-tech simulation.

Kaminskie presents this idea—a holographic, malleable reality with innumerable parallel spin-offs—through the words of Bryson Carmichael. Carmichael is a developer pitching a virtual reality game like no other: one […]


January 10, 2024

Staked: A Vampire’s Tale, Angel of Death Series, Book One

Kim Catanzarite’s Staked poses an intriguing question for readers of vampire fiction: What if the vampire in question was both angelic and monstrous simultaneously?

Staked’s vampire is Gregorie Babin, who approaches life (or afterlife) like a philosopher. “He didn’t sleep just like he didn’t breathe,” the author writes. “That’s why he feared he was dead. […]


January 2, 2024

Forever is Too Long

Author John Posner’s shelf-bending novel is a thought-provoking science fiction story that deals with the increasing utilization of artificial intelligence in the future and its impact on the potential for humans to live forever. A question raised in the novel sums up the storyline perfectly: “What the hell had humanity created?”

Set in the 25th […]


December 25, 2023

Last Alien Encounter

Last Alien Encounter by Eric Valespino (a pseudonym) offers a science fiction story set in two time periods: modern-day America and approximately 10,000 years ago when primitive humans were nomadic hunter/gatherers. It revolves around a mysterious blue crystal with transformative powers.

Christopher Mathew was considered the country’s best environmental geologist before mentally unraveling after his […]


December 25, 2023

The Ark 47 Librae

The Ark 47 Librae is a hard science-fiction novel that charts the development over hundreds of thousands of years of a collaborative terraforming mission between Earth and Mars.

The novel commences on Earth and Mars, focusing on the socio-political and scientific exploits of a group of scientists and philanthropists as they seek to construct an […]