April 17, 2024

Unveiling 11 Relationship Styles: Secrets Nobody Told You

As the creator of a new “dating and friendship app,” author Ahmad Aljazeeri brings both personal passion and extensive research to this book, an inventory of the different ways couples—primarily, romantic companions, but also close platonic friends—build their connections and spend their time together. It also aims to offer “practical advice, tools, and strategies to […]


January 16, 2024

The List: A Modern Guide to Dating

In The List: A Modern Guide to Dating, author Kennet Bath offers dating advice, from how to use dating apps effectively to maintaining relationships once they begin.

The author starts by suggesting readers create a list of their priorities. “Before embarking on a dating journey,” he writes, “it’s crucial to ask yourself, ‘What are your […]


September 12, 2022

Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships

Communications expert Sandy Gerber takes the frustration and guesswork out of relationship problems in this brilliant self-help guide to connecting with others.

Gerber, an award-winning author and TEDx speaker, spent eight years perfecting this book, and her hard work shows. Clear and concise, intriguing and fun, the author shares an invaluable toolbox of communication cues […]


July 29, 2022

When Relationships Matter: A Socioemotional Approach to Teaching and Learning

In When Relationships Matter, elementary school teacher Crystal Tanyag Goins shares her strategies for classroom management in hopes of inspiring other public school teachers.

“Making connections with your students first is key” declares Goins, a parent and educator with ten years’ experience teaching young students. She builds these relationships on a classroom management framework she […]


February 14, 2022

Faith Hacker

Faith Hacker aims to answer an intriguing question: Can Christian biblical tenets be scrutinized from the outlook of a technical engineer who is interested in “debugging” Scripture?

Author James Wilcox is a professional software systems developer and a self-described faith geek. “Debugging,” at its strictest sense, means to remove anything unwanted. Here, Wilcox uses a […]


June 14, 2021

Healing the Stormy Marriage: Hope and Help for YOU when Your Loved One has Mental Health or Addiction Issues

Christian and Helen Bohlen’s mental illnesses nearly destroyed their marriage, but they found a way to have a happy relationship after all. They detail their struggles in this invaluable resource for couples coping with the challenges of mental, emotional and/or addiction issues.

When Christian married Helen, he dreamed of “doing great things with a loving […]


March 1, 2021

No Blanks, No Pauses: A Path to Loving Self and Others

As chief equality and inclusion officer at Procter & Gamble, Shelly McNamara addresses many groups. No surprise, then, that her slim, polished memoir resembles a TED talk for readers. Her entertaining, inspiring stories about processing grief and overcoming prejudices are a testament of personal growth.

McNamara grew up outside Cleveland, the youngest of 15 children. […]


January 11, 2021

Rules to love by: Never make LOVE to someone who…

Choosing a life partner is a complex decision, which is why attorney P. Anthony Burnham has written a dating primer for those trying to discern if their current mate is marriage material.

Rules to love by: Never make LOVE to someone who… is filled with straightforward questions Burnham believes individuals should consider when thinking about […]


December 28, 2020

Fathering the Fatherless

Todd Johnson uses his book to encourage fathers to be active, present, godly examples in their children’s lives to combat the epidemic of fatherlessness and its long-lasting damage to society.

Johnson never knew his father. By age 17 he was a pot-smoking high school dropout, abandoning his own child. Johnson attributes many of his failures […]


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