April 17, 2024

Unveiling 11 Relationship Styles: Secrets Nobody Told You

As the creator of a new “dating and friendship app,” author Ahmad Aljazeeri brings both personal passion and extensive research to this book, an inventory of the different ways couples—primarily, romantic companions, but also close platonic friends—build their connections and spend their time together. It also aims to offer “practical advice, tools, and strategies to […]


April 2, 2024

Brilliant Emotions: Great Agony, Great Promise – True Stories from a Buddhist Psychotherapist

In Brilliant Emotions, therapist Paul Cashman shares how he treats his patients’ emotional suffering with a combination of Western psychotherapy and ancient Buddhist wisdom.

Over Cashman’s years as a psychotherapist, addiction counselor, and lecturer, he translated a Tibetan Buddhist practice called the Four Karmas into a Four-Step Practice to help others learn how to find […]


January 19, 2024

Forty Years to Life

Brenda Bradford Ward chronicles her lifelong struggles with gender identity conflict in this candid memoir. Spanning childhood to later life, she describes her painful efforts to suppress innate feelings of femininity to meet societal expectations of masculinity.

The book also examines the terminology, concepts, and estimated prevalence around transgender identities, arguing that gender identity is […]


January 8, 2024

Engage!: How WD-40 Company Built the Engine of Positive Culture

Serial entrepreneur Stan Sewitch wasn’t interested in reentering the corporate world — until Garry Ridge, former CEO of WD-40, brought him on board as a consultant; he served for 11 years, before he became an employee. It was the company’s values that attracted him, he says, and those values — the push to achieve something […]


December 25, 2023

The Sixth Level: Capitalize on the Power of Women’s Psychology for Sustainable Leadership

The Sixth Level is a leadership development book positing that the patriarchal approach to leading organizations is unfit for modern challenges. Instead, the authors prescribe a new leadership framework called “The Sixth Level.”

The book’s authors, experts, variously, in psychology, gender, management and business, present a framework for leadership meant to address the strains felt […]


December 25, 2023

The Type A Trap: Five Mindset Shifts to Beat Burnout and Transform Your Life

Everyone, whether high-achiever or everyday worker, is susceptible to burnout. Ignoring the signs of this condition, writes author Erin Stafford, can invite depression and other serious illnesses. In The Type A Trap, the author offers mindset shifts to reinvigorate oneself and prevent burnout from reoccurring.

The telltale signs of burnout include depleted energy levels, detachment […]


December 11, 2023

A Second Act in Life

On the surface, Nick deSpoelberch had it all: a job as dean of students at a prestigious Jesuit high school in Colorado with commensurate salary, a lovely wife, and two young sons. It looked like he was living the American Dream. At a graduation ceremony in 2013, though, he fled as his body quaked, only […]


October 17, 2023

The Hidden World: Quranic Code and Human Psychology

T. Javed’s The Hidden World: Quranic Code and Human Psychology aims to analyze the Quran from a psychological perspective.

In introductory chapters, Javed notes that he will examine the Quran’s teachings through the lens of how it provides psychological guidance to its readers. He looks at the Quran with the assumption that the agency of […]


August 22, 2023

Tales From the Wrong Side of the Couch

Dr. Drew Bridges’ lively book recounts his 40 years in academic, administrative and clinical psychiatric settings in North Carolina. Every patient has a story to tell, he writes, recalling the words of a medical school professor, and Bridges has heard many of them.

Bridges’ stories don’t always follow a strict chronology, instead providing a look […]


May 16, 2023

Closer To Consciousness: The First Strong Theory of Consciousness

Closer to Consciousness, by Alexander Durig, tackles a thorny academic problem, namely outlining a theory of how consciousness develops and functions in the human mind. Durig meets this challenge by integrating aspects of psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy in a novel and fruitful way.

Contemporary philosophers posit that understanding the mental world of another person is […]


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