February 13, 2024

The Fool’s Tarot: An Introduction to the Triune World of the Three Arcana

In the first of a two-volume series, Gerald-Johan Vanoise proposes a radical reinterpretation/redesign of the traditional 78-card deck that has dominated contemporary tarot practice.

The Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) system—card decks with detailed narrative images—has turned tarot readings into what Vanoise labels “a process of image association and symbol interpretation”—one that’s prone to error because readers unwittingly […]


August 2, 2021

Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory: A Study Program for Developing Communication Skills

Robert Babcock’s Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory aims to teach children to speak and communicate effectively.

In this comprehensive workbook, Babcock emphasizes that “good writing makes speaking better and good speaking makes writing easier.” Through easy-to-follow activities, he posits that students will improve their speech writing skills, which are crucial to verbally communicating “with […]


January 23, 2017

Buildings, Projects and Babies

Author Yasser Osman manages large construction projects—from high-end residences to a new palace for the royal family of Qatar. In his book, co-written with Yara Osman, he shares his expertise in marquee projects with large budgets through anecdotes from the field and through lessons-learned retrospectives.

The book is written in first-person, narrated by Yasser Osman. […]


December 19, 2016

Why Debate: Transformed by Academic Discourse

Why Debate? Transformed by Academic Discourse is actually a love story revolving around the author’s great passion: academic debate.

Shawn Briscoe, program director of the St. Louis Urban Debate League, has assembled a collection of essays divided into four major sections and written largely by his former teammates, students, and colleagues. They address the importance […]


January 4, 2016

A Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Filtration Systems

Author ET Chan has been involved in the swimming pool industry for more than 30 years. During that time, he has often found himself, as he notes in his Preface, “appalled by the poor standards of installations that I was fortunate to have witnessed….” Here, he aims to raise the bar by offering readers the […]


January 13, 2014

Uniquely Human: The Basis of Human Rights

This fascinating and important book explores human rights—rightly described by the author as one of the most misunderstood terms in modern politics–as a part of the language of modern international relations. In so doing, the author separates human rights from natural rights, arguing that ius naturale has been used as an incorrect synonym for the […]


January 7, 2013

Human Language Evolution: As Coframed by Behavioural and Psychological Universalisms

In this book, Dr. Owi Nandi explores the idea that the formation and evolution of words in multiple languages originates from universal emotions and physical feelings.

The author, whose area of specialization is plant biology and plant systematics, seeks to explain the correlations between sounds reoccurring in human languages and emotional-cognitive responses. He posits that […]


November 19, 2012

Life Force Mars

In this present-day story, a fact-based though fictional account, NASA sends two men and two women on an extended visit to Mars so they can work with native resources. (No similar mission to Mars has occurred to date, but the technology cited by the author makes the concept within the realm of eventual possibility.) Utilizing […]


September 20, 2011

Modern Approach to Classroom Discipline and Management

This work looks at a crucial and contentious aspect of education: how good educators can minimize disruptive behavior in the classroom.

To address this issue, Felix compiles an encyclopedic reference of modern research on classroom management. He touches on the student-teacher relationship, the school-student relationship, as well as the school-parent connection. According to Felix, the […]


August 7, 2011

Quality Quantification Theory

In this slim book titled Quality Quantification Theory, Spiro Haxhi, a former quality control specialist at a manufacturing plant in Albania, offers a complex treatise on the quantification of work, the qualities of work, the general well-being of society and the differences in the way these subjects are measured by individuals as opposed to government.